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WCB Information Related To Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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The Board has released additional training for the new Medical Treatment Guidelines (MTGs) with an effective date of January 1, 2021. Provider's who wish to earn two Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits for these courses, will need a CourseMill learning managment system account to access the training.

Providers who do not need the CME credit, may access the PDF versions of the courses. Training courses that do not offer CME credits do not require a CourseMill account, unless you are an Impartial Specialist.

If you need assistance with these training courses, please contact the Customer Service Toll-Free Number: (877) 632-4996, Monday thru Friday - 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Accessing the Training on CourseMill

Medical providers can access the training modules on the learning management system, CourseMill.

Note for Medical Portal users: When accessing CourseMill for the first time, you will set up a new user account using the same email address you used when signing up for the Medical Portal. On future visits, you may be able to bypass the CourseMill login when signed into the Medical Portal.

Passwords must be a minimum of eight characters, using a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and at least one of the following special characters: ! @ # $ % ^ & *

See the below instructions for help setting up and managing a CourseMill account, and accessing specific training.

Training for MTGs Effective January 1, 2021 (2 CME Credits)

Once logged into CourseMill:

  1. Select the Course Catalog tab at the top of the screen. (It will be the default tab for many users.)
  2. Enter MTG-2020 in the Catalog ID field
  3. Select Search to display the eight new MTG courses
  4. Select the Enroll button next to the course you wish to take. (Note: the Preview button allows you to view the course but does not log your completion. You should avoid using that feature.)

Course Catalong IDs for Courses

Training for MTGs effective January 1, 2021 (No CME Credits)

Course (PDF)

Training for MTGs Effective Prior to January 1, 2021 (No CME Credits)

IMPARTIAL SPECIALISTS: Note that Impartial Specialists are required to complete these programs in the CourseMill learning management system. See the Impartial Specialist Program to access these courses.