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Workers’ Compensation Board

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Proof of Coverage for Disability and Paid Family Leave Benefits - DB 820/829 Web Submission

How to Register

To expedite compliance with the Workers' Compensation Board's electronic reporting mandate, you may register for access to the Board's web based DB 820/829 data entry application.

To apply for access, you MUST be an insurance carrier registered with the New York State Workers' Compensation Board (if you are registered, you have a "B" number). If you are part of a carrier group, please provide information for ALL of the carriers in your group that do business with the Board.

If you are a TPA or any non-insurance carrier reporting for an insurance carrier, prior to registering for access, you MUST have the carrier complete a registration naming you as the organization designated to submit DB 820/829 data on its behalf.

To apply to submit DB 820/829 data via the Board's web site, follow the steps below:

  • Read Overview / Features for information about web submission of the Disability and Paid Family Leave Benefits Proof of Coverage form, DB 820/829.
  • Learn about the Minimum Technical Requirements your computer must meet to submit DB 820/829 data.
  • Designate an administrator in your organization.
  • Each organization must designate a member of their organization to be their administrator. Read Proof of Coverage Administrator's Responsibilities for more information about the role of the administrator. Please note: The administrator's name is required on the registration.
  • Each user within the organization will need his/her own user ID and password.

If you have questions regarding completing the registration, you may contact the ITS Enterprise Service Desk. Be sure to indicate to the ITS Enterprise Service Desk that you would like help in applying to submit Disability and Paid Family Leave Benefits Proof of Coverage on the web.

If there are questions regarding your registration, the person noted as the administrator on the registration will be contacted.