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Workers’ Compensation Board

How To Submit Claims-Related Forms And Documents To WCB

Claims-related forms and documents may be submitted to WCB by regular US Postal Service mail, e-mail, electronic upload, web filing and xml form submission. To learn more about submission via web filing and xml submission, regarded as the most secure methods, visit the Online Services page.

General Rules

  1. Forms and other documents not related to a specific workers' compensation injury (i.e.; insurance coverage information, change of address for a law firm or medical practice) should not be submitted to WCB using these methods or addresses and will result in a delay in processing. Such forms and documents should be sent to the appropriate Board office or department.
  2. Coversheets should not be attached to any documents.
  3. A document may not reference more than one claimant.
  4. All documents should have case-identify information, including the WCB Case Number, on each page well below the 0.25-inch margin of the document so that it is viewable on the resulting image and routed to the proper case folder. If a WCB Case Number has not been assigned, the claimant's name and date of accident should be noted instead.
  5. If more than one WCB Case Number or date of accident is listed on a document, a separate copy of the document must be submitted for each case. Circle/underline the WCB Case Number or date of accident (or ensure it listed first on the document) to indicate which case or accident date each document is for.
  6. The following forms require verification of the original signature and may only be submitted by US Postal Service mail: AFF-1, C-3.3, OC-110A and WTC-12. Documents with a notary stamp may also only be submitted by US Postal Service mail. If such forms or documents are received in any other format, the sender will be contacted and asked to send the original document to WCB by mail, thus delaying the processing of the case and in some instances risking a penalty for late filing.

Additional Rules For E-Mail Submission

  1. A separate e-mail is required for each claimant with the Subject Line containing the WCB Case Number and/or claimant name.
  2. Multiple forms or documents for an individual claimant may be submitted as separate attachments or as one attachment containing multiple documents. Whenever possible, a single attachment should contain no more than 25 pages.
  3. Attachments to emails will be accepted in the following formats only: .TXT, .DAT, .JPG, .JPEG, .GIF, .PNG, .BMP, .DOC, .DOCX, .PPT, .PPTX, .RTF, .XLS, .XLSX, .TIF, .TIFF, .PDF, .VCF, .LNK.
  4. Any email containing an attachment larger than 20 Megabytes will be rejected in its entirety.