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Workers’ Compensation Board

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Board Assessments

Chapter 57 of the Laws of 2013 authorized the Workers' Compensation Board (Board) to streamline the manner in which it collects its administrative and special fund assessments and implement a process that will be consistent among the various categories of payers and based upon active coverage. The Board expects the new assessment process will offer all payers a more equitable, predictable and efficient manner to manage their share of Board assessment expenses.

Pursuant to WCL 151, the Chair shall annually establish an assessment rate to be effective January 1 of the subsequent calendar year. In accordance with Title 12 NYCRR Part 318 that governs the assessment process, the assessment rate will be determined by dividing the total estimated annual expenses by a base of total estimated statewide premium. All payers will be required to apply the assessment rate to their premium or premium equivalent and submit payment quarterly.

Any outstanding assessments under the old process must still be paid. However, beginning January 1, 2014, with the exception of the self-insurers assessment that will continue to be billed to private self-insurers, the Board will no longer be issuing assessment invoices.

Information is available on the Rules and Regulations that govern the assessment process, prescribed forms, frequently asked questions, as well as other information related to assessments.

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