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Workers' Compensation Board

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Medical Treatment Guidelines Training

Program for Non-medical and Administrative Staff

This program is designed for claims adjusters, billing specialists, and other administrative staff who regularly deal with the Medical Treatment Guidelines and the associated forms/processes. The curriculum will provide MTG basics as well as detailed information about the forms and processes. Individuals are welcome to take additional courses including the medical and attorney courses for more information.

Course Estimated time to complete Last Update
How to Use this Training 5 min 2010
General Guideline Principles 15 min 2014
Introduction 15 min 2010
2014 Medical Treatment Guidelines Update 60 min 2014
Pre-Treatment Forms and Processes 30 min 2014
Post-Treatment Forms and Processes 30 min 2014
Back Guidelines 30 min 2014
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Guidelines 30 min 2014
Knee Guidelines 30 min 2014
Neck Guidelines 30 min 2014
Non-Acute Pain Guidelines 90 min NEW!
Shoulder Guidelines 30 min 2014
Understanding Variances 30 min NEW!