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New York Medical Treatment Guidelines, First Edition, June 30, 2010
Effective December 1, 2010

Below are the Medical Treatment Guidelines, First Edition, June 30, 2010, Effective December 1, 2010. Each of the guidelines is available FREE in PDF format for download and printing using the link(s) below.

Medical Treatment Guidelines©: Errata

Errata 1, Issued November 10, 2010
Guideline Section Page Errata
Shoulder D-4.b 24-25 The axillary nerve is incorrectly listed as the maxillary nerve several times on these pages.

Note: The axillary references on pages 8 and 55 are correct.
Shoulder D-4.b 24 The teres minor is misspelled as terse.
Knee A-General Principles 2-3 A.10 and A.11 are both listed with the heading of Active Interventions. A.11 should be Active Therapeutic Exercise Program.

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