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Workers’ Compensation Board

WCB Information Related To Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

New York State
Workers' Compensation Board
328 State Street  Schenectady, New York 12305
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Subject No. 046-836

Newly Authorized Health Care Providers Approved to
Render Services to Injured Workers
Under the Workers' Compensation Law

Date: January 15, 2016

The following have been added to the list of providers authorized to treat injured workers and/or perform independent medical examinations within the New York State workers’ compensation system.

Pavlovitz, Brian Thomas Anatomic Pathology, Clinical Pathology, Cytopathology Syracuse 260058-3W December 17, 2015
Hirschfeld, Matthew Francis Anesthesiology Rochester 282088-4W December 22, 2015
Kulkarni, Sachin Subhash Anesthesiology Roslyn 274671-7W December 11, 2015
Steiner, Anna Danuta Anesthesiology Valatie 276787-9W December 11, 2015
Halioua, Solomon Anesthesiology, Pain Management Brooklyn 211814-9W December 22, 2015
Shah, Rajiv K Anesthesiology, Pain Management New York 273890-4W December 11, 2015
Cooper, Benjamin Zion Diagnostic Radiology Latham 217201-3W December 17, 2015
Garger, Alexander Diagnostic Radiology Mount Kisco 268600-4W December 22, 2015
Garla, Sreenivas Diagnostic Radiology Latham 281696-5W December 17, 2015
Marshall, Jonathan Terry Diagnostic Radiology Buffalo 270540-8W December 17, 2015
Shanbhogue, Krishna Prasad Diagnostic Radiology New York 270692-7B December 17, 2015
Naidich, Thomas Paul Diagnostic Radiology, Neuroradiology New York 107941-7W December 17, 2015
Patel, Sohil Harshad Diagnostic Radiology, Neuroradiology New York 253357-8B December 23, 2015
Anisis, Elizabeth Christine Family Practice Bethpage 267784-7W December 11, 2015
Bojja, Lavanya Family Practice Liverpool 279973-2W December 22, 2015
Hauter, Moneef S Family Practice Bronx 271603-3B December 24, 2015
Khan, Faika Family Practice Westbury 263381-6B December 18, 2015
Leuenberger, John Robert Family Practice Lyons Falls 265720-3W December 21, 2015
Lynn-Ong, Elizabeth Tiffany Family Practice Oceanside 276382-9W December 11, 2015
Miranda, Gelpi Arturo Javier Family Practice Troy 280404-5W December 17, 2015
Murphy, Patrick Timothy Family Practice Fishkill 182117-2B December 17, 2015
Novak, Sue-Ann Elizabeth Family Practice Rochester 246614-2W December 22, 2015
Philip, Sherin Family Practice Slate Hill 277206-9W December 17, 2015
Taylor, Carol Patricia Family Practice Warwick 226652-6W December 17, 2015
Ahuja, Ankur Internal Medicine Stony Brook 282168-4W December 17, 2015
Amirbekian, Satik Internal Medicine Troy 215179-3W December 17, 2015
Byadgi, Shalini Chetan Internal Medicine Port Jervis 237319-9W December 30, 2015
Elliot, Jilliann Marisa Internal Medicine New York 261669-6B December 17, 2015
Malik, Amer Internal Medicine Brooklyn 281042-2W December 17, 2015
Narula, Disha Internal Medicine Cortland 279249-7W December 17, 2015
Perazzelli, Stephen Michael Internal Medicine Glens Falls 279675-3W December 11, 2015
Shemi, Tivere Internal Medicine Stony Brook 276251-6W December 21, 2015
Venegas, Pizarro Marcelo Franci Internal Medicine New York 228904-9W December 11, 2015
Weber, Aubre Ann Internal Medicine Mount Kisco 273215-4B December 22, 2015
Williams, Tracy Ann Nadine Internal Medicine Middletown 250259-9W December 11, 2015
Zainul, Bibi Nadera Internal Medicine Stony Brook 202162-4W December 17, 2015
Cantave, Ingrid Carmelle Internal Medicine, Geriatric Medicine Stony Brook 282020-7W December 21, 2015
Karipidis, Pouria Maria V Internal Medicine, Pediatrics Victor 280861-6W December 21, 2015
Dweck, Ezra E Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Diseases, Critical Care Medicine New York 233669-1B December 17, 2015
Diamond, Joseph Aaron Neurology Great Neck 279000-4B December 11, 2015
Loh, Daniella Ann Neurology New York 268587-3W December 17, 2015
Ober, David Todd Neurology Goshen 202863-7W December 10, 2015
Babatunde, Oladapo Orthopedic Surgery Bronx 272792-3W December 24, 2015
Cohn, Randy Marc Orthopedic Surgery Garden City 259763-1W December 11, 2015
Coseo, Mark Peter Orthopedic Surgery Webster 253281-0B December 22, 2015
Depuy, James Warner Orthopedic Surgery Brooklyn 280940-8I December 17, 2015
Gates, Charley Orthopedic Surgery Lowville 258183-3W December 22, 2015
Gelber, Jonathan David Orthopedic Surgery Bronx 281024-0W December 21, 2015
Kaempffe, Frederick August Iv Orthopedic Surgery Williamson 167549-5B December 11, 2015
Konda, Sanjit Reddy Orthopedic Surgery New York 261627-4W December 17, 2015
Linn, Michael Scott Orthopedic Surgery Bay Shore 275597-3W December 11, 2015
Vekaria, Shyam K Orthopedic Surgery Bohemia 280495-3W December 9, 2015
Degiorgio, Danielle Nicole Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation East Setauket 263356-8W December 14, 2015
Enriquez, Renee Danette Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Lake Success 261505-2B December 11, 2015
Raj, Madankumar Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Pain Management Great Neck 231493-8B December 11, 2015
Driscoll, Miles E Psychiatry Stony Brook 241582-6W December 17, 2015
Yang, Yu Psychiatry Forest Hills 269821-5B December 17, 2015
Meritz, Keith Adam Radiation Oncology East Syracuse 159026-4B December 21, 2015
Schnur, Jessica Robin Surgery Stony Brook 250294-6W December 21, 2015
Shahzad, Abdul Rahim Surgery Harris 213292-6B December 30, 2015
Lucia, Amie Lynn Surgery, Surgical Critical Care Syracuse 277454-5W December 17, 2015
Beckham, Carla Jolene Urology Rochester 267759-9W December 31, 2015
Cromie, William Joseph Urology Albany 136893-5W December 11, 2015

*Providers authorized to treat only, have an authorization number ending in "W" – Providers authorized to treat and perform independent medical examinations, have an authorization number ending in "B" – Providers authorized to perform independent medical examinations only, have an authorization number ending in "I"

Any questions regarding the authorized lists should be referred to the Medical Director’s Office at 1 (800) 781-2362.


Robert E. Beloten