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Workers' Compensation Board

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New York State
Workers' Compensation Board
328 State Street  Schenectady, New York 12305
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Subject No. 046-833

Newly Authorized Health Care Providers Approved to
Render Services to Injured Workers
Under the Workers' Compensation Law

Date: December 17, 2015

The following have been added to the list of providers authorized to treat injured workers and/or perform independent medical examinations within the New York State workers’ compensation system.

Eldeiry, Dalia Fawzy Labib Anatomic Pathology, Clinical Pathology Troy 231094-4B November 2, 2015
Garbaini, Jennifer Lynne Anatomic Pathology, Clinical Pathology, Blood Banking/Transfusion Medicine Troy 263196-8B November 2, 2015
Sidhu, Harleen Kaur Anatomic Pathology, Dermatopathology Syracuse 261771-0W November 10, 2015
Bancroft, George Reid Anesthesiology Buffalo 265999-3W November 5, 2015
Biersbach, Bret Hughson Anesthesiology Buffalo 261893-2W November 5, 2015
Lee, Lori Ann Anesthesiology Hamburg 274260-9W November 5, 2015
Loubser, Paul Gerhard Anesthesiology Sugar Land 154396-6I November 16, 2015
Matal, Marla Lorena Anesthesiology Syracuse 280951-5W November 25, 2015
Pereira, Anthony Manuel Anesthesiology Webster 268694-7W November 5, 2015
Sumathi, Parikshith Amarnath Anesthesiology Syracuse 279303-2B November 5, 2015
Turco, George Anesthesiology Orchard Park 222388-1W November 5, 2015
Vornovitsky, Olga Anesthesiology Rochester 268673-1W November 20, 2015
Wilber, Monte Dean Anesthesiology Orchard Park 249059-7W November 25, 2015
Winkowski, Anthony John Anesthesiology Elma 246040-0W November 5, 2015
Yung, Elliot Anesthesiology New York 270421-1W November 4, 2015
Dickstein, Ross Elliot Anesthesiology, Pain Management Ogdensburg 242644-3W November 25, 2015
Tan, Minyi Anesthesiology, Pain Management Stony Brook 269249-9W November 5, 2015
Mangla, Rajiv Diagnostic Radiology, Neuroradiology Syracuse 272957-2W November 25, 2015
Sax, Eric Jay Diagnostic Radiology, Nuclear Radiology Bronx 220480-8W November 25, 2015
Blyth, Taura Amie Danielle Emergency Medicine Fairport 230335-2B November 20, 2015
Ames, Kaitlin Mae Family Practice Jamestown 277898-3W November 5, 2015
Benson, Quintina Louise Family Practice Staten Island 253914-6W November 25, 2015
Kudel, Andrea Naomi Family Practice Le Roy 279092-1W November 20, 2015
Nathanson, Alexander Family Practice Brooklyn 278697-8W November 5, 2015
Nazar, Alina Family Practice Albany 281029-9W November 10, 2015
Daraban, Nicoleta Internal Medicine Saratoga Springs 247376-7W November 25, 2015
Kim, Katherine Yunsoo Internal Medicine Middletown 278497-3W November 16, 2015
Kumar, Anubhav Internal Medicine Stony Brook 281999-3W November 5, 2015
Reagan, Patrick Michael Internal Medicine Rochester 278994-9W November 20, 2015
Babu, Tara Manyam Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases Rochester 260538-4W November 20, 2015
Parvu, Mihaela Elena Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases Schenectady 277178-0W November 20, 2015
Mclinskey, Nancy A Neurology Stony Brook 239865-9W November 25, 2015
Mednick, Tal Neurology Smithtown 270642-2B November 25, 2015
Bonno, Deana Marie Neurology, Clinical Neurophysiology Ithaca 270829-5W November 16, 2015
Agrawal, Vikas Kumar Neurology, Pain Management Ardsley 273140-4B November 25, 2015
Choinski, Paul Andrew Ophthalmology Southampton 173478-9W November 4, 2015
Lemanski, Nicole Ophthalmology Albany 280258-5W November 5, 2015
Ashraf, Wasik Orthopedic Surgery New Windsor 260798-4W November 24, 2015
Kopacz, Kenneth Joseph Orthopedic Surgery Chatham 192060-2I November 5, 2015
Mallo, Gregory Charles Orthopedic Surgery East Setauket 280603-2W November 6, 2015
Marzouk, Haidy Adly Otolaryngology Fayetteville 260241-5W November 10, 2015
Lipelis, Konstantin Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Rock Hill 249328-6B November 5, 2015
Patrylo, Irene Diana Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Port Jefferson 198926-8B November 5, 2015
Velez-Rodriguez, John David Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Port Washington 279534-2W November 16, 2015
Argyriou, Antigone Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Pain Management Patchogue 279658-9W November 2, 2015
Middeldorf, Jeffrey Edwin Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Pain Management Troy 223884-8I November 16, 2015
Shah, Shaneel Shailesh Psychiatry, Child And Adolescent Psychiatry Port Jefferson Stat 274017-3W November 5, 2015
Daniels, Corey G Radiology - Diagnostic Radiology Jamestown 280346-8W November 10, 2015
Menghani, Vikas Radiology - Diagnostic Radiology Williamsville 280804-6W November 5, 2015
Ornstein, Matthew Herbert Rheumatology Carmel 179957-6I November 20, 2015
Sadowitz, Benjamin David Surgery Syracuse 280599-2W November 5, 2015
Yerkes, Nicholas Steven Surgery Liverpool 281554-6W November 16, 2015
Scibelli, Christopher David Surgery, General Vascular Surgery Canandaigua 279135-8W November 10, 2015
Sidebottom, Ryan Christopher Urology Auburn 280950-7W November 16, 2015
Young, Ezekiel E Urology Stonybrook 280645-3W November 10, 2015
Eldeiry, Dalia Fawzy Labib Anatomic Pathology, Clinical Pathology Troy 231094-4B November 2, 2015

*Providers authorized to treat only, have an authorization number ending in "W" – Providers authorized to treat and perform independent medical examinations, have an authorization number ending in "B" – Providers authorized to perform independent medical examinations only, have an authorization number ending in "I"

Any questions regarding the authorized lists should be referred to the Medical Director’s Office at 1 (800) 781-2362.


Robert E. Beloten