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Workers’ Compensation Board

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New York State
Workers' Compensation Board
328 State Street  Schenectady, New York 12305
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Subject No. 046-818

Newly Authorized Health Care Providers Approved to
Render Services to Injured Workers
Under the Workers' Compensation Law

Date: October 7, 2015

The following have been added to the list of providers authorized to treat injured workers and/or perform independent medical examinations within the New York State workers’ compensation system.

Cimic, Adela Anatomic Pathology Stony Brook 275567-6W September 8, 2015
Schwartz, Charles Frederick Anatomic Pathology, Clinical Pathology Amsterdam 204655-5I September 24, 2015
Akkerman, Albert Z. Anesthesiology Dunkirk 236688-8W September 21, 2015
Arekapudi, Anil Kumar Anesthesiology Rochester 278917-0W September 21, 2015
Binder, Michael Anesthesiology New York 233664-2W September 25, 2015
Gordon, Michael Elijah Jr. Anesthesiology Carthage 243854-7W September 22, 2015
Hanono, Daniel Moshe Anesthesiology Brooklyn 258518-0W September 2, 2015
Hassan, Mahmoud Abdalla Ahmed Anesthesiology Buffalo 277111-1W September 18, 2015
Khan, Ahmed Raza Anesthesiology Rochester 186875-1W September 18, 2015
Lu, Charlie Chenggang Anesthesiology Rochester 278202-7W September 18, 2015
Mikhail, Ashraf Anesthesiology Flushing 249789-9W September 21, 2015
Umholtz, Matthew James Anesthesiology Buffalo 280775-8W September 21, 2015
Weinshel, Sarah Michal Anesthesiology Mount Kisco 167405-0I September 2, 2015
Wong, Jan R. Anesthesiology Syracuse 264585-1W September 16, 2015
Lee, Robert Edward Anesthesiology, Pain Management Buffalo 269293-7W September 21, 2015
Iyer, Sriram Sadasivan Cardiovascular New York 207886-3B September 24, 2015
Lozeau, Daniel F. Dermatology, Pathology - Dermatopathology Stony Brook 263574-6W September 8, 2015
Annese, Christian Pasquale Diagnostic Radiology New York 275196-4W September 25, 2015
Gupta, Sanjay Kumar Diagnostic Radiology New York 227969-3W September 10, 2015
Iseman, Christine Marie Diagnostic Radiology Albany 256406-0B September 24, 2015
Komissarova, Maria Diagnostic Radiology Albany 274687-3B September 24, 2015
Maitland, Ceceleta Yvonne Diagnostic Radiology Latham 193936-2W September 29, 2015
Patel, Priyesh Diagnostic Radiology Brooklyn 278785-1B September 16, 2015
Tabone, Michael Frank Diagnostic Radiology Williamsville 279668-8W September 21, 2015
Mingos, Mark Allen Diagnostic Radiology, Nuclear Radiology Corning 279343-8W September 25, 2015
Glick, Scott Michael Emergency Medicine Ithaca 269561-7W September 16, 2015
Goldenberg, William D. Emergency Medicine Stony Brook 253213-3W September 8, 2015
Miao, Katharine Hsin Emergency Medicine White Plains 234900-9W September 2, 2015
Otterness, Karalynn Emergency Medicine Stony Brook 271990-4W September 8, 2015
Passanante, Joseph Anthony Emergency Medicine Brooklyn 273206-3W September 16, 2015
Spiegel, Rory J. Emergency Medicine Stony Brook 280512-5W September 24, 2015
Cameron, Christine Anne Family Practice Buffalo 276847-1W September 18, 2015
Cerklewich, Nicole Brianna Family Practice Champlain 272368-2W September 16, 2015
Flores, Zoila Z. Family Practice Hempstead 258387-0W September 25, 2015
Gift, Laura Elizabeth Family Practice Penfield 275094-1W September 23, 2015
Heim, Jacqueline Marie Family Practice Buffalo 275424-0W September 21, 2015
Jain, Akshat Family Practice Watertown 280426-8W September 25, 2015
Owen, Ira Davis Family Practice New York 275049-5W September 25, 2015
Panini, Aruna S. Family Practice Rock Hill 280543-0B September 10, 2015
Patel, Surag Suresh Family Practice Rochester 274797-0W September 24, 2015
Skyers, Princess Family Practice New York 257162-8W September 25, 2015
Teves, Michelle Andre Family Practice Ithaca 271156-2W September 17, 2015
Bonilla, Trejos Eduardo Internal Medicine Syracuse 280340-1W September 16, 2015
Garneau, John J., Jr. Internal Medicine Pittsford 174390-5W September 10, 2015
Hameed, Mazin Majeed Internal Medicine Rochester 273454-9W September 18, 2015
He, Jie Internal Medicine Watertown 277762-1W September 8, 2015
Jain, Eera Internal Medicine Stony Brook 280323-7W September 8, 2015
Khan, Shahida Akhter Internal Medicine Woodside 209073-6W September 16, 2015
Mani, Egesta Internal Medicine Briarcliff Manor 250339-9W September 21, 2015
Mezu, Ngozi Catherine Internal Medicine Cortland 277390-1W September 24, 2015
Nat, Amitpal Singh Internal Medicine Syracuse 280151-2W September 2, 2015
Petkovich, Bradley William Internal Medicine Rochester 274682-4W September 4, 2015
Saleem, Sheikh Abdul Salam Internal Medicine Cooperstown 280710-5W September 25, 2015
Schamel, Shannon Shea Internal Medicine Watkins Glen 275728-4B September 16, 2015
Suter, Zachary David Internal Medicine Rochester 278430-4W September 25, 2015
Manheimer, Eric David Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease Middletown 257983-7B September 2, 2015
Marino, Brian Scott Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease Ithaca 271050-7W September 8, 2015
Parikh, Puja Bipin Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease, Interventional Cardiology Stony Brook 253318-0W September 8, 2015
Arif, Muhammad Osman Internal Medicine, Geriatric Medicine Syracuse 278465-0W September 16, 2015
Eisenberg, Spencer M. Internal Medicine, Geriatric Medicine Johnson City 271528-2W September 16, 2015
Arnold, Florence Internal Medicine, Hematology, Medical Oncology Watertown 278825-5W September 29, 2015
Salman, Huda Internal Medicine, Hematology, Medical Oncology Stony Brook 280386-4B September 8, 2015
Branche, Angela Ramona Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases Rochester 267782-1W September 11, 2015
Neumann, Henry Jonathan Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases Stony Brook 281000-0W September 8, 2015
Babayeva, Natela Internal Medicine, Pediatrics New York 237865-1W September 25, 2015
Diefenbach, William Paul Neurological Surgery Erie 162170-5I September 25, 2015
Kinon, Merritt Drew Neurological Surgery Bronx 253201-8W September 10, 2015
Ahmed, Omar F. Neurology New York 240578-5W September 21, 2015
Dennis, Lyle James Neurology Suffern 205562-2W September 21, 2015
Malkani, Brijesh Neurology Yonkers 260515-2B September 14, 2015
Masoud, Hesham Elmiselhy Neurology Syracuse 280838-4W September 29, 2015
Berg, Michel Justus Neurology, Clinical Neurophysiology Rochester 165979-6W September 24, 2015
Bernbaum Melissa L. Neurology, Clinical Neurophysiology Islip 242531-2W September 2, 2015
Ahmed, Fatima Ophthalmology Slingerlands 279117-6W September 10, 2015
Chaudhary, Khurram Mahmood Ophthalmology Stony Brook 258035-5B September 24, 2015
Marcus, Edward Ophthalmology Great Neck 255287-5W September 8, 2015
Balkissoon, Rishi Orthopedic Surgery Rochester 280557-0W September 18, 2015
Bruneau, Pierre Andre Orthopedic Surgery Brewster 245411-4B September 21, 2015
Glaser, Jordan Michael Orthopedic Surgery Albany 273705-4W September 17, 2015
Insel, Aaron Noah Orthopedic Surgery Harrison 274535-4W September 11, 2015
Saleh, Ahmed Orthopedic Surgery Rochester 279136-6W September 18, 2015
Scordino, Laura Weiss Orthopedic Surgery Albany 280376-5W September 10, 2015
Stanton, Michael Christopher Orthopedic Surgery Rochester 273247-7W September 8, 2015
Stein, Matthew Isaac Orthopedic Surgery Albany 278524-4W September 28, 2015
Tayrose, Gregory Abram Orthopedic Surgery Potsdam 262166-2W September 2, 2015
Van Gorder, Robert Thomas Orthopedic Surgery Johnson City 281306-1W September 25, 2015
Hadi, Joseph Mehrdad Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Brooklyn 270398-1W September 16, 2015
Qureshi, Adnan Anwer Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Yonkers 277493-3B September 25, 2015
Riolo, Thomas Antonio Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Forest Hills 274398-7W September 29, 2015
Lago, Jesus Angel Psychiatry, Addiction Psychiatry Purchase 182355-8B September 11, 2015
Popivker, Zoya Psychiatry, Child Psychiatry Stony Brook 263231-3W September 24, 2015
Chang, Michael Chia Hsiu Radiology - Diagnostic Radiology Liverpool 279202-6W September 2, 2015
Kaufman, Theodor Irving Surgery Cooperstown 198863-3W September 17, 2015
Kim, Joseph Surgery Stony Brook 280363-3B September 8, 2015
Nitzkorski, James Ryan Surgery Poughkeepsie 238729-8W September 10, 2015
Qi, Yanjie Surgery Rochester 251347-1W September 10, 2015
Rubano, Jerry A. Surgery Stony Brook 261957-5W September 29, 2015
Tan-Tam, Clara Chia-Hua Surgery Cooperstown 278741-4W September 25, 2015
Sikalas, Nicholas Surgery, General Vascular Surgery Stony Brook 270038-3B September 16, 2015

*Providers authorized to treat only, have an authorization number ending in "W" – Providers authorized to treat and perform independent medical examinations, have an authorization number ending in "B" – Providers authorized to perform independent medical examinations only, have an authorization number ending in "I"

Any questions regarding the authorized lists should be referred to the Medical Director’s Office at 1 (800) 781-2362.


Robert E. Beloten