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Workers’ Compensation Board

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New York State
Workers' Compensation Board
328 State Street  Schenectady, New York 12305
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Subject No. 046-802

Newly Authorized Health Care Providers Approved to
Render Services to Injured Workers
Under the Workers' Compensation Law

Date: September 8, 2015

The following have been added to the list of providers authorized to treat injured workers and/or perform independent medical examinations within the New York State workers’ compensation system.

Panesar, Narendra Kaur Anatomic Pathology, Clinical Pathology, Blood Banking/Transfusion Medicine Johnson City 178014-7W August 13, 2015
Barkulis, Charles Theodore Jr Anesthesiology Melville 279872-6W August 18, 2015
Cohen, Shimon L Anesthesiology Mount Kisco 266251-8W August 19, 2015
Hong, Genewoo Joseph Anesthesiology New York 279772-8W August 27, 2015
Lebow, Brandon Ford Anesthesiology Rochester 279379-2W August 13, 2015
Liu, Kaixuan Anesthesiology Livingston 220538-3W August 6, 2015
Popa, Vincentiu Anesthesiology Valley Stream 228490-9W August 18, 2015
Rozen, Elizabeth Karen Anesthesiology White Plains 171475-7I August 20, 2015
Webber, Audra Meredith Anesthesiology Rochester 279129-1W August 13, 2015
Cohen, Jason Ronald Anesthesiology, Pain Management Princeton 244220-0B August 13, 2015
Gupta, Nakul Anesthesiology, Pain Management Staten Island 263983-9W August 18, 2015
Pampana, Vijay Shanker Child Neurology Hawthorne 277865-2W August 20, 2015
Canoy, James Michael Diagnostic Radiology Kingston 270267-8W August 4, 2015
Crowley, Andrea Q Diagnostic Radiology Sherman 228288-7W August 19, 2015
Wallis, Shain Sullivan Diagnostic Radiology Manlius 264957-2W August 4, 2015
Mcguire, Paul Vincent Diagnostic Radiology, Neuroradiology Sharon 201508-9W August 19, 2015
Lim, James H Diagnostic Radiology, Nuclear Medicine Kingston 255485-5W August 4, 2015
Beirne, Brian Francis Emergency Medicine Lindenhurst 200030-5W August 20, 2015
Brosnan, Michelle L Emergency Medicine Uniondale 239494-8W August 18, 2015
Falanga, Nicole Durie Emergency Medicine New York 267374-7W August 27, 2015
Field, Lauren J Prusnofsky Emergency Medicine Johnson City 279937-7W August 13, 2015
Lai, Nga Quynh Emergency Medicine New York 266072-8W August 27, 2015
Peterson, Lars-Kristofer Nelson Emergency Medicine Rochester 271039-0W August 13, 2015
Vahedi, Mithaq Emergency Medicine Johnson City 277593-0W August 13, 2015
Buttar, Kamalpreet Singh Family Practice Stony Brook 278467-6B August 19, 2015
Ferger, Jessica L Family Practice Penfield 277009-7W August 13, 2015
Filipski, Alexander William Family Practice Baldwinsville 275831-6W August 24, 2015
Hasan, Aaresh Family Practice Levittown 250854-7W August 18, 2015
Heetderks, Gerrit William Family Practice Trumansburg 279852-8W August 13, 2015
Kelley, Kristen Lea Family Practice Greenwich 280120-7W August 10, 2015
Lampert, Heather Shannon Family Practice Massapequa Park 279789-2W August 18, 2015
Lavender, Rebecca Tyson Family Practice Rochester 266403-5W August 13, 2015
Qamar, Wafa Family Practice New Hartford 279270-3W August 18, 2015
Rattenbury, Heather Thu Family Practice Binghamton 272759-2W August 13, 2015
Rezk, Ahmed Mohamed Family Practice New Hartford 279589-6W August 18, 2015
Yun, David Kin Family Practice Flushing 266396-1B August 13, 2015
Amundson, William Hoyt Internal Medicine Rochester 274228-6W August 13, 2015
Baumgart, Megan Ann Internal Medicine Rochester 274906-7W August 19, 2015
Bruni, Oreste Joseph Internal Medicine Woodbury 180551-4W August 18, 2015
Demarest, Susan Peng Internal Medicine Schenectady 277624-3W August 27, 2015
Desain, Mary Carpenter Internal Medicine Rochester 276864-6W August 13, 2015
Dodd, Katherine Susan Internal Medicine Rochester 274063-7W August 13, 2015
Hodges, Mark Hayden Internal Medicine Rochester 276422-3W August 13, 2015
Kessler, Jennifer Ann Internal Medicine Rochester 277364-6W August 13, 2015
Manocha, Divey Internal Medicine Syracuse 278820-6W August 4, 2015
Pompo, Rebecca Anne Internal Medicine Cortland 278200-1W August 13, 2015
Seif, Emily Kay Internal Medicine Rochester 279546-6W August 13, 2015
Shaw, James G Internal Medicine Rochester 280414-4W August 13, 2015
Sivapiragasam, Abirami Internal Medicine Syracuse 278238-1W August 4, 2015
Williamson, Zachary Joshua Internal Medicine Syracuse 278166-4W August 4, 2015
Zittel, Jason George Internal Medicine Rochester 278929-5W August 13, 2015
Magid, Norman Mark Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular New York 152751-4B August 13, 2015
Singh, Avneet Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease Syracuse 278631-7W August 4, 2015
Moustakakis, Emmanuel Nectarios Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease, Interventional Cardiology Flushing 230890-6I August 10, 2015
Bello, Osagie Internal Medicine, Hematology, Medical Oncology Watertown 279503-7W August 13, 2015
Marcos, Raymundo Luis Augusto Internal Medicine, Infectious Disease Stony Brook 280039-9B August 6, 2015
Chandra, Rashmi Internal Medicine, Nephrology Vestal 280808-7W August 13, 2015
Gobran, Emad Nabil Internal Medicine, Nephrology Staten Island 272829-3W August 25, 2015
Gavin, Michael Joseph Internal Medicine, Pediatrics Rochester 273591-8W August 13, 2015
Rizzone, Katherine Helen Internal Medicine, Pediatrics Rochester 279199-4W August 13, 2015
Tolentino, Jonathan Lee Internal Medicine, Pediatrics Stony Brook 278979-0W August 6, 2015
Aiello, Brianne Marie Corcoran Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease Syracuse 278755-4W August 4, 2015
Sagalla, Rex W B Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease Stony Brook 279854-4W August 19, 2015
Yao, Qingping Internal Medicine, Rheumatology Stony Brook 280624-8B August 6, 2015
Bag, Ozbek Ayse Internal Medicine, Rheumatology, Pediatrics Stony Brook 267937-1B August 6, 2015
Motivala, Soriaya Lizette Neurological Surgery New York 275732-6W August 24, 2015
Cullen, John Daniel Neurology Rochester 279385-9W August 13, 2015
Dolgovina, Maria Neurology Forest Hills 261794-2B August 10, 2015
Shah, Shital P Neurology West Nyack 278975-8B August 6, 2015
Sharar, Kristin Lynette Obstetrics/Gynecology East Setauket 279445-1W August 6, 2015
Herrera, Kimberly Mercedes Obstetrics/Gynecology, Maternal/Fetal Medicine Stony Brook 264026-6W August 13, 2015
Boraiah, Sreevathsa Orthopedic Surgery Great Neck 271604-1W August 18, 2015
Hochfelder, Jason Patrick Orthopedic Surgery Hawthorne 269059-2W August 13, 2015
Judd, Kyle Thomas Orthopedic Surgery Rochester 278850-3W August 13, 2015
Olsen, Joshua Russell Orthopedic Surgery Canandaigua 279664-7W August 13, 2015
Quirno, Martin Orthopedic Surgery New York 273057-0W August 27, 2015
Toro, Jose B Orthopedic Surgery Riverhead 270879-0W August 18, 2015
Vora, Vagmin Pravin Orthopedic Surgery Brooklyn 275951-2W August 5, 2015
Jakubowicz, David Matthew Otolaryngology Bronx 229808-1W August 24, 2015
Matott, Heather Melissa Pediatrics Latham 279477-4W August 24, 2015
Kountis, Vasilios Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Minneapolis 276937-0W August 24, 2015
Smith, Miranda Boone Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation East Meadow 278947-7W August 18, 2015
Stoly, Yura Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Brooklyn 275763-1W August 6, 2015
Morrison, Clinton Strauss Plastic Surgery Rochester 274610-5W August 6, 2015
Cooper, Scott L Podiatry Brooklyn P06205-0W August 13, 2015
Einhorn, Robert Podiatry Mineola P06284-5I August 13, 2015
Eisenberger, Eliezer Podiatry New York P06432-0B August 13, 2015
Eisenstein, Jack Podiatry Woodbury P02938-0W August 12, 2015
Hune, Andrew Gordon Podiatry Albany P06702-6W August 13, 2015
Lundi, Ricardo Reggy Podiatry Cooperstown P06552-5W August 13, 2015
Majdanski, Waldemar Podiatry Brooklyn P06577-2W August 13, 2015
Melendez, Rolando Mario Podiatry Flushing P06581-4B August 13, 2015
Relation, Kurt Wendell Podiatry Latham P06697-8B August 13, 2015
Rosena, Willis Anthony Podiatry North Tonawanda P06696-0W August 13, 2015
Samandarov, Albert Podiatry Astoria P06526-9W August 13, 2015
Wilson, Breeann N Podiatry Buffalo P06328-0W August 13, 2015
Allen, Shawn Michael Psychiatry Stony Brook 265692-4W August 6, 2015
Madden, Timothy Francis Radiology - Diagnostic Radiology Kingston 279192-9W August 4, 2015
Parisien, Christine J Radiology - Diagnostic Radiology Latham 228852-0W August 24, 2015
Westpfal, Matthew Mark Radiology - Diagnostic Radiology Baltimore 278422-1W August 24, 2015
Weyer, Allison Radiology - Diagnostic Radiology Williamsville 280948-1W August 24, 2015
Bryden, Daniel Adam Surgery Watertown 277947-8W August 26, 2015
Nagaraj, Sharita Surgery Latham 280908-5W August 31, 2015
Sherburne, Alan Charles Surgery Auburn 278778-6W August 13, 2015
Axelrad, Alexander Surgery, Surgical Critical Care Mineola 170647-2W August 18, 2015
Hagendorf, Benjamin Ari Surgery, Surgical Critical Care Mineola 276096-5W August 18, 2015
Arnone, Eric David Urology Jamestown 278216-7W August 24, 2015

*Providers authorized to treat only, have an authorization number ending in "W" – Providers authorized to treat and perform independent medical examinations, have an authorization number ending in "B" – Providers authorized to perform independent medical examinations only, have an authorization number ending in "I"

Any questions regarding the authorized lists should be referred to the Medical Director’s Office at 1 (800) 781-2362.


Robert E. Beloten