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Workers’ Compensation Board

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New York State
Workers' Compensation Board
328 State Street  Schenectady, New York 12305
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Subject No. 046-774

Newly Authorized Health Care Providers Approved to
Render Services to Injured Workers
Under the Workers' Compensation Law

Date: June 8, 2015

The following have been added to the list of providers authorized to treat injured workers and/or perform independent medical examinations within the New York State workers’ compensation system.

Cano, Sarah Joanna Anesthesiology Rochester 277765-4W March 20, 2015
Cantie, Shawn Michael Anesthesiology West Seneca 276990-9W March 19, 2015
Charles, Shasky Kevin Anesthesiology New York 266809-3W March 4, 2015
Kone, Bhavani P. S. S. Anesthesiology Rochester 277821-5W March 19, 2015
Marshall, Cameron Michael Anesthesiology Lake Success 271692-6W March 10, 2015
Ursillo, Christopher Ryan Anesthesiology Williamsville 273233-7W March 19, 2015
Aliberti, Francesca Chiropractic Sunnyside C12613-8W March 16, 2015
Backman, Deborah Kim Chiropractic Lockport C12275-6W March 16, 2015
Blando, Jonathan Richard Chiropractic New Hartford C12620-3W March 16, 2015
Calarco, Michael J. Chiropractic Lewiston C12053-7W March 16, 2015
D'anna, Robert William Chiropractic Niagara Falls C12581-7B March 16, 2015
D'aoust, Bryan Richard Chiropractic Utica C12598-1W March 16, 2015
Elcock, Coral Jacqueline Chiropractic Jackson Heights C06643-3B March 16, 2015
Farrell, Jessica Lynn Chiropractic Amherst C12391-1B March 16, 2015
Gemelas, Alaina Chiropractic Huntington C12543-7W March 16, 2015
Gerlach, Michael John Chiropractic Rochester C12548-6B March 16, 2015
Giuffrida, Stephan Jay Chiropractic Yonkers C12501-5W March 16, 2015
Grillo, Joseph Adam Chiropractic Brooklyn C08136-6B March 16, 2015
Gucciardi, James Chiropractic East Setauket C10407-7W March 16, 2015
Innes, Kyle Andrew Chiropractic Yorktown Heights C12311-9W March 16, 2015
Kim, Ji Hoon Chiropractic Brooklyn C12584-1B March 16, 2015
Nguyen, Thomas Vu Chiropractic Williston Park C09720-6I March 16, 2015
Randall, Amanda Sue Chiropractic Wolcott C12484-4W March 16, 2015
Reid, Michael James Chiropractic Northport C11904-2W March 16, 2015
Surrett, Giselle Lorena Chiropractic Valley Stream C12608-8W March 16, 2015
Thom, Michael Daniel Chiropractic Amherst C12617-9W March 16, 2015
Todd, Michael Wesley Chiropractic Bloomingburg C11493-6W March 16, 2015
Trif, Boris Chiropractic Brooklyn C11063-7W March 16, 2015
Trombitas, Michael T. Chiropractic Lockport C12582-5B March 16, 2015
Tsourounakis, Helena Marie Chiropractic Elmhurst C12567-6W March 16, 2015
Vanacker, Lucas Todd Chiropractic Williamson C12619-5W March 16, 2015
Whiting, Timothy Marc Chiropractic Syracuse C12601-3W March 16, 2015
Zambuto, Gerlando Chiropractic Bronx C12490-1B March 16, 2015
Grant, Bridget Marie Dermatology Cooperstown 275670-8W March 16, 2015
Schliftman, Alan Bruce Dermatology White Plains 135447-1W March 31, 2015
Gupta, Amit Diagnostic Radiology Stony Brook 276720-0W March 2, 2015
Politi, Roman Gabriel Diagnostic Radiology Ithaca 277309-1W March 16, 2015
Whittick, Wendy Faith Diagnostic Radiology Jamaica 277190-5W March 2, 2015
Yaddanapudi, Kavitha Diagnostic Radiology Westbury 276715-0W March 2, 2015
Petropoulou, Kalliopi Diagnostic Radiology, Neuroradiology Syracuse 276263-1W March 31, 2015
Ching, Elbert Emergency Medicine Flushing 255981-3W March 2, 2015
Corinaldi, Chalene A. Emergency Medicine Middletown 228363-8W March 4, 2015
Gonzalez, Juan P. Emergency Medicine Bronxville 205061-5W March 18, 2015
Kassem, Jawad Nadim Emergency Medicine Stony Brook 255629-8W March 2, 2015
Leung, Liza Emergency Medicine Stony Brook 254798-2W March 19, 2015
Turley, Baxter Jesse III Emergency Medicine Rochester 268956-0W March 19, 2015
Tysz, Samantha Emergency Medicine New York 267181-6W March 30, 2015
Ali, Faiza Family Practice Coram 271435-0B March 31, 2015
Chou, Wei-Yu Wayne Family Practice Liverpool 277614-4W March 19, 2015
Finn, Heather Kathleen Family Practice Syracuse 277179-8W March 19, 2015
Jacob, Noble Kurian Family Practice Pearl River 276562-6B March 30, 2015
James, Kesha Antionette Family Practice Middletown 271427-7W March 4, 2015
Johal, Rupinder Kaur Family Practice Garden City 277051-9W March 10, 2015
Julien-Banica, Jehanne Family Practice Middletown 265717-9B March 4, 2015
Laing, Audra Ann Family Practice Geneseo 266255-9W March 9, 2015
Mcphee, Catherine C. A. Family Practice Rochester 245313-2W March 20, 2015
Potter, Amy Michelle Family Practice Webster 276337-3W March 20, 2015
Roman, Lauren S. Family Practice Black River 260700-0W March 24, 2015
Rosenthal, Laurel M. Family Practice Au Sable Forks 136958-6I March 20, 2015
Singh, Lisa Ann Family Practice New York 271360-0W March 19, 2015
Coghill, Alice Victoria Internal Medicine New York 150251-7W March 30, 2015
Das, Saju Internal Medicine Cornwall 275212-9W March 4, 2015
Dooley, Sean Internal Medicine Stony Brook 278079-9W March 4, 2015
Duquella, Gregory Woodlee Internal Medicine Middletown 272367-4W March 4, 2015
George, Sunil Kurien Internal Medicine Huntington 253419-6W March 2, 2015
Grodberg, Jennifer Beth Internal Medicine Brooklyn 219831-5W March 26, 2015
Merino, Ronald Internal Medicine Ithaca 266766-5W March 16, 2015
Mohsin, Samira Internal Medicine Stony Brook 277849-6B March 19, 2015
Riccardi, Elizabeth Gaffney Internal Medicine Syracuse 269713-4W March 30, 2015
Sandhu, Jujhar Kaur Internal Medicine Malone 273500-9W March 2, 2015
Nissirios, Themistoklis J. Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease Goshen 253483-2W March 4, 2015
Idelchik, Gary Michael Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease, Interventional Cardiology Saratoga Springs 259398-6W March 26, 2015
Sharma, Rajeev Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Diabetes And Metabolism Syracuse 270991-3W March 19, 2015
Monroe, Julie Ann Internal Medicine, Hematology, Medical Oncology Yonkers 204986-4W March 4, 2015
Chittoria, Namita Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology Syracuse 277113-7W March 19, 2015
Jurdi, Adham Adel Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology Syracuse 276568-3W March 30, 2015
Kratzer, Joseph Harold Neurology Schenectady 150454-7W March 26, 2015
Salamon, Elliott J. Neurology New Hyde Park 255509-2B March 10, 2015
Prince, Henry Kurt Obstetrics/Gynecology Woodbury 135297-0W March 10, 2015
Ezon, Isaac C. Ophthalmology Newburgh 255348-5I March 23, 2015
Derasari, Aditya Manjul Orthopedic Surgery Fresh Meadows 276427-2W March 10, 2015
Doak, Jeremy Paul Orthopedic Surgery Amherst 274278-1I March 19, 2015
Gaines, Evan Bradley Orthopedic Surgery New City 248779-1B March 9, 2015
Lamont, Justin Gerard Orthopedic Surgery New York 142981-0B March 11, 2015
Okeefe, Kevin Daniel Orthopedic Surgery Auburn 276929-7W March 24, 2015
Pruzansky, Jason Stuart Orthopedic Surgery Buffalo 254265-2W March 11, 2015
Shen, Jian Orthopedic Surgery Amsterdam 260330-6B March 6, 2015
Somberg, Andrew Max Orthopedic Surgery West Nyack 274811-9W March 30, 2015
Ellicott, Emilie Alice Pediatrics Rochester 270080-5B March 20, 2015
Dholakia, Amit Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Fishkill 243155-9B March 25, 2015
Rekhala, Vishal Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Williamsport 266775-6W March 20, 2015
Schoenfeld, Jennifer Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation West Hempstead 263449-1W March 2, 2015
Aponte Martha, Patricia Podiatry Port Jefferson Station P06477-5W March 9, 2015
Bauer, Richard Thomas III Podiatry Latham P06435-3W March 9, 2015
Birnbaum, Stuart C. Podiatry Wesley Hills P05970-0I March 9, 2015
Gomez, Danny J. Podiatry New York P06626-7W March 9, 2015
Schwerdt, John David Podiatry Binghamton P06632-5B March 9, 2015
Briody, Marie E. Psychology Staten Island S16845-0W March 3, 2015
Caskey, Vanessa Porto Psychology New York S20756-3W March 3, 2015
Henkell, Heather Marie Psychology Port Washington S20964-3B March 3, 2015
Lazer-Gomez, Sarah Beth Psychology Astoria S20335-6W March 3, 2015
Lutzky, Harriet Claire Psychology New York S03419-9W March 3, 2015
Mahaffey, Brittain Lynn Psychology Kew Gardens S20811-6W March 3, 2015
Mantell, Erica Meagan Psychology Plainview S20350-5W March 3, 2015
Schwalbe, Evan Psychology New York S17479-7I March 3, 2015
Serrao, Holly Felicia Psychology Schenectady S20591-4W March 3, 2015
Small, Michael John Psychology Long Lake S13837-0I March 3, 2015
Stewart, Julie Bright Psychology New York S13969-1B March 3, 2015
Taylor, Gavin Henderson Psychology Loudonville S19877-0W March 2, 2015
Lee, Sharon Sang Eun Public Health & General Preventive Medicine New York 255894-8W March 25, 2015
Abulfaraj, Moaz Waleed Surgery Middletown 275442-2B March 9, 2015
Chiu, Ernest Sai-Yun Surgery New York 207328-6W March 16, 2015
Gill, Gurpreet Surgery Middletown 276197-1B March 4, 2015
Jeganathan, Rajkumar Surgery Olean 276238-3W March 20, 2015
Linehan, David C. Surgery Rochester 277774-6W March 25, 2015
Sobral, Filipe Anacleto Surgery Huntington 274504-0W March 17, 2015
Webb, Travis Paul Surgery Liverpool 275729-2W March 2, 2015
Schiff, Jeffrey Todd Urology Garden City 245572-3W March 25, 2015

*Providers authorized to treat only, have an authorization number ending in "W" – Providers authorized to treat and perform independent medical examinations, have an authorization number ending in "B" – Providers authorized to perform independent medical examinations only, have an authorization number ending in "I"

Any questions regarding the authorized lists should be referred to the Medical Director’s Office at 1 (800) 781-2362.


Robert E. Beloten