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Workers’ Compensation Board

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Response to Insurance Compliance
Employer Notice


The New York State Workers' Compensation Law requires that employers provide Workers' Compensation insurance coverage for their employees, with limited exceptions.

Employers receive Workers' Compensation Inquiry Notices when the NYS Workers' Compensation Board has no record of coverage for the business for the period identified on the notice. Inquiry Notices are also sent out when carriers advise the Board that coverage has been cancelled.

The Response to Insurance Compliance Employer Notice web application was developed to provide employers with a secure, easy and convenient means for responding to an inquiry notice. Using this web application, an employer can:

  • notify the Board of their Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)
  • correct business name and address information, if needed
  • provide policy information
  • notify the Board of any change in business status
  • explain why Workers' Compensation insurance coverage was not secured or is not needed
  • print their response, which will contain the date their response was submitted to the Board.

Please be advised that all information submitted by an employer is subject to review and/or verification from an insurance carrier if policy information is submitted. Policy information will not be applied until confirmed by the carrier.