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Diagnostic Testing Networks Look-Up

When claim administrators (workers' compensation insurance carriers, self-insured employers and third party administrators) contract with legally and properly organized diagnostic testing networks, injured workers are required to obtain diagnostic examinations and tests from providers affiliated with the diagnostic testing network.

Diagnostic Testing Network Regulations require diagnostic testing networks (DTNs), as well as the claim administrators that use DTNs, to file information with the Board.

To determine if an injured worker needs to use a diagnostic testing network, identify who is administering the claim. It may be a carrier, self-insured employer or a (TPA) .

If you do not know who the insurance carrier is, you can use Does Employer Have Coverage to find the name of the employer's carrier. If several carriers are listed for that employer, choose the one who provided coverage during the injured worker's date of accident. Occasionally, the system will identify the carrier for the date of accident as "SELFINS". If this occurs, please call (518) 402-0247 to identify the actual carrier. You may want to contact that carrier to determine if a TPA is administering the claim.

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