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Diagnostic Testing Networks Look-Up Registration

Diagnostic Testing Network Regulations require diagnostic testing networks (DTNs), as well as the claim administrators (insurance carriers, self-insured employers, and TPAs) that use them, to file information with the Board.

Claim Administrator Registration

  • Insurance carriers, self-insured employers, and TPAs must complete a registration to designate an administrator using the Registration for Notification to Board of Contract with Diagnostic Testing Network (DTN) form.
  • After the registration is processed, the administrator will be provided with a user id and password to allow them to log-in to perform administrator responsibilities on the Board's web site through a self-service application. The user-id will be emailed and the password will be mailed via the US Postal Service to the administrator's email and mailing address provided on the registration.
  • Upon receipt of the user id and password, administrators must log-in to the self-service application and select their DTN(s) from a list of DTNs registered with the Board. This information will then be displayed on the Diagnostic Testing Network Look-Up.
  • Administrators must report any changes to their use of DTNs, such as new or removed DTN contracts, within 20 days of any change.
  • If the use of a DTN is based on location, injured worker's employer, or any other criteria, please note that in the comments section.

DTN Registration

  • DTNs can register by emailing
  • DTNs must provide current contact information (email, telephone, and website), including any changes within 20 days, to the Board to ensure the accuracy of the DTN look-up application and compliance with the DTN regulations

Failure of a claim administrator or DTN to timely supply accurate information and keep this information up-to-date may interfere with the claim administrator's ability to require an injured worker to use a Diagnostic Testing Network. It is also important to note that the look-up tool does not replace the claim administrator’s responsibility to notify the injured worker and treating provider of the existence of a DTN, as required by the regulations.

Please contact the Customer Service Toll–Free Number at 1-877-632-4996 or with any questions regarding this program. Contact the Board's Help Desk if you have technical questions about this page.