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Glossary of WCB Terms


Diagnostic Testing Networks

ADIN Healthcare, Inc
Phone Number: 615-221-2627
Fax Number: 800-818-3112
Website: www.adinhealthcare.com Link to External Website

Atlantic Imaging Group IPA, LLC
Phone Number: 973-451-8232
Fax Number: 973-451-9473
Website: www.aignetwork.com Link to External Website

Atlantic Imaging of New York, PC
Phone Number: 973-451-8232
Fax Number: 212-714-2470
Website: www.aiony.com Link to External Website

Cypress Care, Inc.
Phone Number: 678-730-0457
Fax Number: 800-419-7194
Website: www.cypresscare.com Link to External Website

GENEX Services of New York
Phone Number: 800-310-3926
Fax Number: 866-426-8825
Website: www.genexservices.com Link to External Website

MedFocus of NY
Phone Number: 800-398-8999
Fax Number: 800-950-4700
Website: www.medfocus.net Link to External Website

OCM IPA, Inc (One Call Medical)
Phone Number: 973-394-8402
Fax Number: 866-632-2161
Website: www.onecallmedical.com Link to External Website

Paramount Medical Network, LLC
Phone Number: 845-430-3850
Fax Number: 845-331-1130
Website: www.paramountmedicalnetwork.com Link to External Website

Specialty Provider Imaging Network NY, LLC
Phone Number: 516-331-5210
Fax Number: 516-345-9740
Website: spinnetworks.com Link to External Website

Spreemo Medical, PLLC
Phone Number: 800-595-7173
Fax Number: 201-289-5765
Website: www.spreemo.com Link to External Website

TechHealth, Inc
Phone Number: 877-611-3415
Fax Number: 877-611-3414
Website: www.techhealth.com Link to External Website


Please contact the Customer Service Toll–Free Number at 1-877-632-4996 or DTNfiling@wcb.ny.gov with any questions regarding this program or need to change any information for a DTN listed on this page.