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Workers' Compensation Board Common Forms Applicant Instructions for Form CE-200 – Effective December 1, 2008

Workers' Compensation Board Common Forms

Form CE-200 reflects a totally new process for granting exemptions from workers' compensation and disability benefits insurance coverage requirements. Effective December 1, 2008, exemptions will no longer be valid for multiple permits, licenses or contracts for which the applicant applied. Further, exemptions no longer have to be notarized; nor do they have to be stamped by the NYS Workers' Compensation Board. (Please note that government agencies may continue to use insurance and Self-Insurance certificates for multiple permits, licenses or contracts issued to a specific legal entity during the coverage period listed on insurance/self-insurance related certificates).

Starting December 1, 2008, ONLY applicants eligible for exemptions must file a new CE-200 for each and every new or renewed permit, license or contract issued by a government agency. Each CE-200 will specifically list the issuing government agency and the specific type of permit, license or contract requested by the applicant. Applicants for building permits will also need to supply additional information including identifying the specific job location and the estimated cost of the project.

Please ensure that the legal entity name on Form CE-200 exactly matches the legal entity name that is applying for the permit, license or contract. Please also ensure that the applicant signs and dates Form CE-200.

Each CE-200 will have a certificate number printed on it. Form CE-200s may be verified on the Board's website at

The applicant attests under penalty of perjury that the information contained in the CE-200 is accurate – the Board does not initially verify this information. However, Board staff may investigate applicants filing Form CE-200.

Government agencies have the authority to verify that the business is eligible for the workers' compensation and/or disability benefits exemption reason described on the CE-200 and notify the Board's investigative staff if there are discrepancies. For example, if you are applying for a license for a 150 seat restaurant and indicate on the CE-200 exemption form that you are a sole proprietor with no employees, this may indicate a problem.

To make this process as easy and as efficient as possible for business owners, the vast majority of these forms will be processed electronically online. Applicants having access to the internet will be able to fill out the CE-200 on the internet and immediately upon completion, be able to print out a hard copy of the CE-200 that they will then submit to the government agency issuing the permit, license or contract. Computers with internet access will also be available for CE-200 electronic application processing at Customer Service Centers located in Workers' Compensation Board District Offices.

Filling out the electronic Form CE-200 on the internet is very similar to filling out a hotel reservation request on the internet for frequent travelers. The applicant will create a pin and password so that they can easily access their information. Once an applicant enters basic personal information on the Board's website, it can be retrieved by that applicant in the future by using that pin number and password when the applicant is applying for another permit, license or contract.

Applicants without access to a computer may obtain a paper application for the CE-200 by writing or visiting the Customer Service Center at any District Office of the Workers' Compensation Board. Applicants using the manual process may wait up to four weeks before receiving a CE-200. Once the applicant receives the CE-200, the applicant can then submit that CE-200 to the government agency from which they are getting the permit, license or contract. This delay results from Workers' Compensation Board staff having to manually enter information from the applicant's paper application into the web based application.

Employees of the Workers' Compensation Board cannot assist applicants in answering questions about this form. Please contact an attorney if you have any questions regarding Form CE-200.

However, if you have questions regarding workers' compensation coverage requirements, please call the Bureau of Compliance at (866) 546-9322.