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Workers' Compensation Board


RFP C140312 - Workers' Compensation System Business Process Reengineering (BPR) Request for Proposal

The schedule of events for this procurement is as follows:
  Event Day Date Time
1 Release of RFP Monday 4/2/2012  
2 Offerors' Intent to Bid due Monday 4/23/2012  
3 Written questions due from Offerors' Monday
Extended To: Friday
Extended To: 6/15/2012
4 Official response to Offerors' questions due Monday
Extended To: Friday
Extended To: 6/22/2012
5 Closing date for receipt of Proposals Monday
Extended To: Wednesday
Extended To: 7/11/2012
2:00 PM (ET)
6 Selection of Prospective Contractor Monday
Extended To: TBD
Extended To: TBD
7 Contract negotiations with Prospective Contractor end TBD TBD  
8 Estimated Contract term begins TBD TBD  

It is with great excitement that the New York State Workers' Compensation Board announces the release of this Request for Proposal to begin the process of creating a new and greatly improved claims handling system. By working with our stakeholders and leveraging industry best practices and state of the art technology, we can create a claims environment that speeds delivery of medical and indemnity benefits, reduces costs for employers, improves monitoring of waste, fraud, and abuse, and reduces the administrative burden on good medical providers.

A decade and a half ago the Board took a system that relied entirely on paper files and digitized it. The success of that endeavor cannot be understated, it was immensely beneficial to the system. Since that time however, many other states have surpassed New York in their efficiency of claims handling and system oversight capabilities.

Our current system is built on an outdated and inflexible platform, does not promote efficient electronic interaction between the Board, parties, and medical providers, lacks automated system oversight functionality, does not promote timely payment of benefits, and places a significant burden on good medical providers. In short, there are significant problems that can be solved by improving business processes and building an efficient claims management system.

By first working together with our stakeholders to re-engineer our claims processes, and then replacing our legacy system, the Board will once again revolutionize workers' compensation in New York to the great benefit of employers and injured workers.

Please note that, from the issue date of this project definition until a contract is awarded and approved by the New York State Office of the State Comptroller, all contacts with Board personnel concerning this solicitation must be made through Michelle Schultz , the main contact, phone (518) 473-1319 or e-mail to When she is not available, Mary Grace Petralito will be the alternate contact, via phone (518) 486-3332 or e-mail to

The Board reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify an event, time or date on the above schedule.

Thank you for your interest in providing services to the Workers' Compensation Board.


Jeffrey Fenster
Executive Director

Request for Information - Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) for the New York State Workers' Compensation Board Claims Management System Redesign Project adobe pdf

In October 2010, the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB or Board) issued a Request for Information (RFI) to solicit information from interested parties (“Respondents”) regarding a variety of topics related to business process reengineering, formal requirements gathering and system evaluation.

The Board received the following questions in response to the RFI. The purpose of this letter was to respond in writing to these questions, so that all potential Respondents may benefit from the response.

Response to Questions adobe pdf