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WCB Information Related To Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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The NYS Workers’ Compensation Board Medical Portal is a web-based application that enables users to submit medical information and view Workers’ Compensation Board information electronically. The Medical Portal is intended to create more efficient processes and enable greater levels of self-service and tracking, and ultimately improve the performance of the NYS workers’ compensation system overall.

The Medical Portal will be available to multiple Board stakeholders, including medical providers, payers (which include insurance carriers and third-party administrators), self-insured employers, and pharmacy benefits managers.

Functionality within the Medical Portal will be specific to an individual user’s role. For example, users may use the Medical Portal to:

  • Apply to become Board-authorized medical providers;
  • Renew Board authorization and/or update practice information;
  • Access Medical Treatment Guidelines (MTG);
  • Access the NYS Workers’ Compensation Drug Formulary; and
  • Get training on important topics relevant to the user’s role.

Over time, users will also be able to use the Medical Portal to:

  • Request and review prior authorization for non-formulary drugs;
  • Access the Medical Treatment Guideline lookup tool and the variance process; and
  • Submit and/or review variance and C-4AUTH requests

Target Timeline / Key Activities

  • SEPTEMBER 2019: Medical Portal launches
    Among other content, initial release will include:
    • New training for medical providers
    • NYS Workers’ Compensation Drug Formulary
    • Medical Treatment Guidelines
  • SEPTEMBER 2019: Payers add Level 1 and Level 2 contact information
  • OCTOBER 2019: Medical providers can begin applying for Board authorization
  • DECEMBER 2019: Drug Formulary Prior Authorization System available
  • DECEMBER 1, 2019: Payers notify medical providers and injured workers regarding use of non-Formulary drugs
  • DECEMBER 5, 2019: All new prescriptions must comply with the Formulary

Medical Providers: An ID is Required for Accessing the Medical Portal

This is separate and apart from an ID that medical providers may have for another NYS agency (for example, Department of Motor Vehicles, Tax and Finance, etc.). For details on how medical providers can sign up for the Medical Portal and obtain an ID, please watch the brief video below.


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Related Links/Resources

CourseMill Learning Management System

Some of the training available through Medical Portal is accessed on the CourseMill Learning Management System. When accessing CourseMill for the first time, you will set up a new user account using the same email address you used when signing up for the Medical Portal. On future visits, you may be able to bypass the CourseMill login when signed into the Medical Portal.

If you are part of a group or practice that used a single email address (e.g., an administrator) to generate multiple Medical Portal credentials/log ins, you will not be able to utilize the Single Sign On feature from the Medical Portal. You will be required to sign in to CourseMill directly with your CourseMill User ID and Password.

Passwords must be a minimum of eight characters, using a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and at least one of the following special characters: ! @ # $ % ^ & *

See the below instructions for help setting up and managing a CourseMill account, and accessing specific training.