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Health Provider Search Help

The Health Provider Search allows you to search for Health Providers who are authorized by the Workers' Compensation Board to treat injured workers. After entering the search criteria (see below for descriptions and requirements), just click the "Search" button to get the results. If you are looking for an Independent Medical Examiner (IME), please contact the Medical Director's Office.

Please note, you are not responsible for payment of bills for treatment related to your Workers' Compensation case. Please be advised that if any authorized provider refuses to treat you, you should notify the Medical Director's Office in writing as soon as possible.

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The providers on this list are all of the providers that the Workers' Compensation Board has authorized. The authorization of a provider by the Workers' Compensation Board is not a recommendation that the provider is the right one to treat you. It is recommended that you research what type of provider would be right for you.

When choosing a physician, The New York State Department of Health has a brochure "How to Choose the Right Physician...How to Tell Us if You Don't" Link to External Website. The Department of Health web site also offers physician profiles and physician misconduct and physician discipline information Link to External Website as well as a variety of other information for consumers Link to External Website concerning health care related issues.

The New York State Education Department Office of the Professions Link to External Website investigates and prosecutes misconduct in other professions.

Table of Contents

  1. Helpful Information
  2. Search Criteria
  3. Expanded Searches
  4. Search Results
  5. Contact Information


  1. Helpful Information:
    • This can be used by anyone who needs to search for Health Providers who are authorized by the Workers' Compensation Board to treat injured workers. For information about when this search page is available, please view the Health Provider Search Availability page.
    • If this Health Provider search is not working for your needs, please be aware that WCB also has Health Providers listed by Counties in case that works better.
    • If you need help finding a Zip Code, here is a link to open up a new browser with the US Postal Service's Zip Code Lookup Link to External Website. If you are interested in the Postal Service's geographical area for a particular Zip Code, enter only the first three digits of the Zip Code.
    • In order to be able to view the results as a PDF, you will need a PDF viewer. Here is a link to open up a new browser with information on how to download a FREE Acrobat Reader Link to External Website. You must have an Adobe Acrobat Reader version 4.0 or later to view the PDFs for Health Provider Search.
      • If the PDF looks completely blank in your PDF viewer, left click on your browser's refresh icon to have your report appear. If you don't want to have to refresh every time, then you can change your browser's settings so that it checks for newer versions of stored pages every visit to the page.

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  2. Search Criteria:
    • Specialty
      • Select from the drop down list to indicate what Specialty you are looking for. If you need assistance determining what type of Specialty you are looking for, please contact us.
      • It is only possible to search with the default value of '<Any Specialty>' when the Acupuncture field is 'Required'. When this is done, then the result set will list all the Health Providers' Specialties.
      • When a specific Specialty is selected, the result set will list only the Specialties related to the one selected.
      • Important: Even though some Specialties might seem like sub-categories of a main one (since they start with the same phrase and then have a dash), they are all distinct Specialties. For example, a search on 'PATHOLOGY' will only return those Health Providers which have that specific Specialty (and not ones who only have the 'PATHOLOGY - IMMUNOLOGY' Specialty).
    • Zip Code
      • Enter the Zip Code to find the Health Provider's office.
      • This is a required field, so one to nine digits must be entered in (with the dash between the fifth and sixth digit being optional).
      • It is recommended to initially search on the five digit Zip Code. If there are too many rows returned and the full Zip Plus Four is known, then search upon that.
      • Note: If a search doesn't find enough rows, then Expanded Searches will automatically be done by only using the first part(s) of the Zip Code entered in.
    • Language
      • Select from this drop down list to indicate what Language you are looking for the Health Provider to accommodate.
      • This required field defaults to 'English' for convenience since all Health Providers are expected to accommodate it.
      • If a Language is not in the list, that means WCB does not have a provider to accommodate that language.
    • Acupuncture
      • Select from this drop down list to indicate how Acupuncture should be taken into consideration.
      • If only Acupuncture Health Providers should be included in the result set, then select 'Required'.
        Note: When this is selected, the Specialty field becomes optional.
      • Otherwise, use the default value of 'Optional' so that All Health Providers are searched upon.
    • Display
      • Select from this drop down list to indicate how many rows should be returned per page.
      • This value doesn't affect what Health Providers will be returned. It only affects how many of those Health Providers will be returned on a page. You will be able to jump to other pages to look at the whole result set.

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  3. Expanded Searches:
    • In an attempt to always bring back enough rows so that there are choices of Health Providers, whenever a search is done that brings back less than 5 rows, an Expanded Search will automatically be done.
    • An Expanded Search uses the current US Postal Service Zip Code structure to find other Health Providers located close to the entered Zip Code by using a shortened version of it.
      • Note: An office of a Health Provider will only be listed once in the whole result set. This means that an office from the original search will NOT show up again in the rows for the Expanded Search. It is possible for Health Providers with multiple offices to have offices listed in both the original search and Expanded Searches.
    • When an Expanded Search has been done, it will be noticeable in two ways:
      • The search results summary paragraph will state how many rows are being returned (a) due to the requested search criteria, (b) due to the Expanded Search(es), and (c) in total.
      • The rows returned are grouped together based upon which search found them. For example, if one row was found for the requested search criteria, then it would be the first row returned. If an Expanded Search on the first three digits of the Zip Code only found two rows, then there would be a break in the result set (stating how the following rows were from an Expanded Search using those three digits), followed by those two rows. If additional Expanded Searches were done, each of them would have their own break followed by their rows.

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  4. Search Results:
    • Health Providers are returned in a random order for each search (and each Expanded Searches) so that everyone has equal opportunity.
      • This means that if you scroll through multiple pages of the result set, and then decide you want to call the first Health Provider on the first page, then it is critical to use the link back to the first page instead of just hitting the search button. That new search will be based upon the same Health Providers, but the one which happened to be the first row last time will be somewhere else in the list this time.
      • When Health Providers have multiple addresses which meet the same search criteria (ie, rows will not jump between Expanded Searches), those records will be listed together (with the exception mentioned in Expanded Searches).
    • Your search results are stored in WCB memory for approximately 15 minutes based upon usage.
      • This should give you enough time to look over the information on a page and still be able to jump to another page in the same result set. Every time you jump to another page, the time starts over again.
      • If a search results is no longer in memory, you will be informed of that fact and instructed to search again (which means that the same Health Providers will be returned in the new result set ... but they will be sorted in a different random order).
      • After doing a new search, if you want to go back to a previous search results, then use your 'back' button to get to a page of it and then you'll be able to continue traversing its pages as long as it is in memory.
    • Search results are limited to 250 rows.
      • When this occurs, you will be informed in the search results summary paragraph on how many rows were not included in the result set.
      • If the last Health Provider listed had more addresses which were not included in the result set because of this limit, then a message will be displayed after that address to let you know how many other addresses for that Health Provider were not included.
      • As far as determining which Health Provider rows will or will not be included in a result set, this is done randomly (so an identical search will bring back a different set of Health Providers).
      • If you are looking for a particular Health Provider or address, then it is recommended that if this maximum occurs, add more to your search criteria until this maximum is avoided.
    • Information being displayed as columns in the result set.
      • All information shown is what WCB has been informed about. Please check with the Health Provider to make sure it is still accurate.
      • The phone numbers given may be for the provider's primary office; you may want to call and ask if they have an office close to you.
      • To conserve space, the Specialty column only displays the code instead of the description.

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  5. Contact Information:
    • If you are having technical problems using Health Provider Search, please contact our Technical Support.
    • If you have questions on how to use Health Provider Search or about the information being displayed, please contact the Board:
      Telephone: (800) 781-2362
      Address: NYS Workers' Compensation Board
      Riverview Center
      150 Broadway
      Attn: WCB Medical Director's Office
      Suite 195
      Menands, NY 12204

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