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Printing Documents From eCase

Instructions For Printing Multiple Documents

eCase users can print up to 10 documents at once from the case folder.

From the Case Folder tab, select up to 10 documents and then click on the print button Image of printer or select Actions - Print Selected Documents or (Alt + P)

Image of eCase window with the Case Folder Tab and 10 documents selected

You may select fewer than 10 documents for printing, however, if you select more than 10 documents, you will be prompted to change your selection to 10 documents or less.

Print Speed Enhancement

In an effort to alleviate a print speed problem that has been experienced by some eCase users, an optional enhancement has been added to the application that will add a file (.DLL) to the user's PC that will accelerate print speed. The user will see an installment security warning as follows:

Message box asking user to verify they wish to install print enhancement

Note: The Board has taken all steps possible to insure there is no conflict with the user's system settings.

  • To install the file on your PC
    Select either "Grant this session" or "Grant Always".

    Note: If the user chooses "Grant always", the installment security warning will not appear again.
  • To refuse the install of the file on your PC
    Select Deny

    Note: If the user chooses "Deny", the print acceleration function will be disabled for this current session only.

Deselecting Print Acceleration

From the Options menu, select Preferences. The Preferences selection will allow you to deselect the Print Acceleration option for a particular print job only if the user originally accepted the print acceleration function.

Select Options from the Claims Information System menu and then select Preferences

Uncheck the Enable Native Acceleration and select OK

Enable Native Acceleration checkbox

Note: If the Print Speed Acceleration function was previously "Denied", the option will be un-selected and disabled.