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eCase User's Guide

The eCASE application allows you to obtain information about a particular case by using the World Wide Web. The kinds of information available are Case Information, Party of Interest contact information and documents related to the case. This information is read-only. You may not make any changes to it; you may only read it.

eCASE Help System

The help system associated with the eCASE application is divided into three parts: Table of Contents, Frequently Asked Questions and Screen Help.

The Table of Contents lists all the fields on all the screens in the eCASE application.

Frequently Asked Questions provides step-by-step procedures for accomplishing commonly occurring tasks. To view the procedure for a particular task, click in the left-hand side of the screen on question related to the task. The procedure will display in the right-hand side of the screen.

Screen Help is available for each of the four screens in the eCASE application: