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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Some Documents Take So Much Longer to Load than Others?

Answering this question requires a bit of explanation about the Document Server.

When a user requests a document from the Document Server, the server first checks to see if a copy of the document exists in the server's cache area.

If so, the document is sent to the user from the cache.

If not, the document is retrieved from the main storage and sent to the user. A copy of the document is kept in a cache area, so that subsequent requests for the document can be fulfilled more quickly.

All documents in active cases are kept in the cache. When a case is closed or archived, its documents are removed from cache

Now, we can get to the answer to your question:

The time required to load a document depends on how recently that document has been requested either by you or someone else, whether the case has been closed or archived, and — of course — line conditions and network load.


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