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Glossary of WCB Terms

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Code Values

Definitions for Who Code Values
Code Value
06 Primary Insurer
A# Claimaint Representative/Attorney
BE Beneficiary
C# Additional Carrier
CA Carrier Attorney
CL Claimant
CR Carrier Representative
DB Disability Carrier
EA Employer Attorney
F1 Special Fund 25A
F2 Special Fund 15.8
FN Finance Unit
H# Health Provider
L# Lay Witness
M0 Medical Doctor/Claimant Doctor
M# Medical Doctor
PE Primary Employer
PI Primary Insurer
RB Review Bureau
S# Special Handling #
SI Self-Insurance Unit
T# Third Party Admin #
TF Aggregate Trust Fund
U0 Second Employer
U# Additional Employer
X# Miscellaneous


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