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Workers' Compensation Board


Regulatory Impact Statement of Repeal and
addition of a new 12 NYCRR 300.22, and
amendment of 300.23 and 300.38 (eClaims Regulations)

Statement explaining why a revised Regulatory Impact Statement is not required

A revised Regulatory Impact Statement is not required because the changes made to the last published rule do not necessitate revision to the previously published document. The changes to the text are not substantial, do not change the meaning of any provision and therefore do not change any statements in the document. Specifically the changes are to: 1) change the effective date to April 23, 2014; 2) clarify that first reports of injury and subsequent reports of injury that are submitted to the Board before the deadline set forth in the regulation will be considered timely even though they are not acknowledged until after the filing deadline has passed; 3) clarify when a notice of controversy may not be filed as a first report of injury; and 4) clarify that when a carrier files a notice seeking to suspend or modify payments to the claimant and a hearing is required, that these notices are currently filed as paper documents not as a subsequent report of injury which reports a suspension or modification of payment after it as occurred.

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