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Workers' Compensation Board

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Amendments to 12 NYCRR Subchapters C, D and E

At its meeting on June 17, 2008, the Workers' Compensation Board adopted minor amendments to Subchapters C, D and E of its regulations. Some of the proposed amendments make necessary changes so the regulations are consistent with the statutory changes made by Chapter 6 of the Laws of 2007. Specifically, the increase in the threshold amount above which authorization must be requested for special medical services is increased to $1,000 to be consistent with the amendment to Workers' Compensation Law §13-a(5). In addition the proposed amendments correct: 1) references to obsolete forms; 2) typographical, grammatical and punctuation errors; and 3) gender based language and minor inaccuracies. The proposal also changes how computer searches for the Health Insurers Matching Program are received and processed by the Board to conform with current practice and technological advances and updates references to the proper version of the fee schedules.

The amendments adopted contained non-substantial revisions to 12 NYCRR §325-1.5 and §326-1.1 based upon the only comments received.

The Notice of Adoption was published in the State RegisterLink to External Website on July 2, 2008, effective on that date.