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Summary of Text of Proposed Subchapter M, Parts 440 and 442 to Title 12 NYCRR

Chapter 6 of the Laws of 2007 added Section 13-o to the Workers' Compensation Law (WCL) mandating the Chair to adopt a pharmaceutical fee schedule. WCL Section 13(a) mandates that the Chair shall establish a schedule for charges and fees for medical care and treatment. Part of the treatment listed under Section 13(a) includes medical supplies and devices that are classified as durable medical equipment. The proposed rule adopts a pharmaceutical fee schedule and durable medical equipment fee schedule to comply with the mandates. This rule adds a new Part 440 which sets forth the pharmacy fee schedule and procedures and rules for utilization of the pharmacy fee schedule and a new Part 442 which sets forth the durable medical equipment fee schedule.

Section 440.1 sets forth that the pharmacy fee schedule is applicable to prescription drugs or medicines dispensed on or after the most recent effective date of §440.5 and the reimbursement for drugs dispensed before that is the fee schedule in place on the date dispensed.

Section 440.2 provides the definitions for average wholesale price, brand name drugs, controlled substance, generic drug, independent pharmacy, insurance carrier, pharmacy benefits management, pharmacy benefits manager, pharmacy chain, pharmacy processing agent, remote pharmacy, rural area, self-insured employer and third party payor.

Section 440.3 provides that a carrier or self-insured employer may designate a pharmacy or pharmacy network which an injured worker must use to fill prescriptions for work related injuries. This section sets forth the requirements applicable to pharmacies that are designated as part of a pharmacy network at which an injured worker must fill prescriptions. This section also sets forth the procedures applicable in circumstances under which an injured worker is not required to use a designated pharmacy or pharmacy network.

Section 440.4 sets forth the requirements for notification to the injured worker that the carrier or self-insured employer has designated a pharmacy or pharmacy network that the injured worker must use to fill prescriptions. This section provides the information that must be provided in the notice to the injured worker including time frames for notice and method of delivery as well as notifications of changes in a pharmacy network.

Section 440.5 sets forth the fee schedule for prescription drugs. The fee schedule in uncontroverted cases is average wholesale price minus twelve percent for brand name drugs and average wholesale price minus twenty percent for generic drugs plus a dispensing fee of five dollars for generic drugs and four dollars for brand name drugs, and in controverted cases is twenty-five percent above the fee schedule for uncontroverted claims plus a dispensing fee of seven dollars and fifty cents for generic drugs and six dollars for brand-name drugs. This section also addresses the fee for compounded medications and when a drug is repackaged.

Section 440.6 provides that generic drugs shall be prescribed except as otherwise permitted by law.

Section 440.7 sets forth a transition period for injured workers to transfer prescriptions to a designated pharmacy or pharmacy network. Prescriptions for controlled substances must be transferred when all refills for the prescription are exhausted or after ninety days following notification of a designated pharmacy. Non-controlled substances must be transferred to a designated pharmacy when all refills are exhausted or after 60 days following notification.

Section 440.8 sets forth the procedure for payment of prescription bills or reimbursement. A carrier or self-insured employer is required to pay any undisputed bill or portion of a bill and notify the injured worker, the claimant's representative, the pharmacy or pharmacy benefits manager, or other third party submitting the bill on the same day and within 45 days of receipt of the bill of the reasons why the bill or portion of the bill is not being paid, or request documentation to determine the self-insured employer's or carrier's liability for the bill. If objection to a bill or portion of a bill is not received within 45 days, then the self-insured employer or carrier is deemed to have waived any objection to payment of the bill and must pay the bill. This section also provides that a pharmacy shall not charge an injured worker or third party more than the pharmacy fee schedule when the injured worker pays for prescriptions out-of-pocket, and the worker or third party shall be reimbursed at that rate.

Section 440.9 provides that if an injured worker's primary language is other than English, that notices required under this part must be in the injured worker's primary language.

Section 440.10 provides that the Chair will enforce the rule by exercising his authority pursuant to Workers' Compensation Law §111 to request documents and may refer matters to appropriate agencies for violations.

Part 442 sets forth the fee schedule for durable medical equipment.

Section 442.1 sets for that the fee schedule is applicable to durable medical goods and medical and surgical supplies dispensed on or after July 11, 2007.

Section 442.2 sets forth the fee schedule for durable medical equipment as indexed to the New York State Medicaid fee schedule, except the payment for bone growth stimulators shall be made in one payment. This section also provides for the rate of reimbursement when Medicaid has not established a fee payable for a specific item and for orthopedic footwear. This section also provides for adjustments to the fee schedule by the Chair as deemed appropriate in circumstances where the reimbursement amount is grossly inadequate to meet a pharmacies or providers costs and clarifies that hearing aids are not durable medical equipment for purposes of this rule.

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