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Text Summary of Proposed Amendment of Part 324 of 12 NYCRR
(Amendment of the Medical Treatment Guidelines)

The proposed amendments to Part 324 of 12 NYCRR adopt Medical Treatment Guidelines (MTG) for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).

In addition, the Guidelines for the neck, back, shoulder and knee have been amended to permit 10 chiropractic, physical therapy or occupational therapy visits each year following a determination that the claimant has reached maximum medical improvement (MMI) and has chronic pain. No variance is allowed from the maximum of 10 annual visits.

Section 324.2(d)(2) has been amended to remove anterior acromioplasty and chondroplasty from the list of procedures that require prior authorization by the payer.

Section 324.3 has also been amended to prohibit the repeated submission of variance requests by a treating medical provider for substantially similar treatment when an earlier variance request has not yet been denied or without additional information when the earlier substantially similar request has been previously denied.

Paragraph (3) of subdivision (a) of Section 324.3 has been amended to specifically state that a variance must be submitted within two business days of the preparation of the request.

Paragraph (5) of subdivision (a) has been added to provide that no variance is required for ongoing maintenance care.

Section 324.3 has been amended to remove the requirement that the parties attempt to informally resolve disputes for eight days and to direct that requests for review of a denial of a variance request will be directed to medical arbitration unless the claimant or payer requests review by a Workers' Compensation Law Judge.

In addition, Section 324.3 has been amended to give the Chair discretion to direct the resolution of variance denials based on the claimant's failure to appear for an independent medical examination.

The Board proposes further changes to Part 324 of 12 NYCRR by modification of the definition of MMI to conform it to the definition developed by the Advisory Committee and incorporated in the Board's 2012 Guidelines for the Determination of Permanent Impairment and Loss of Wage Earning Capacity.

At subdivision (c) of section 324.1, the proposed amendment adds a definition of "Denial, deny or denies" to include instances when the carrier or Special Fund partially grants or approves only a portion of a variance or request for optional prior approval.

Throughout the regulation the language has been modified from use of words like "form" and "file" to terms such as "format prescribed by the Chair" and "submit."

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