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Workers’ Compensation Board

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Conciliation Processing

PART 312

Section 312.1. Statement of purpose

To address claims [where the duration of benefits is eight weeks or less] in a more expeditious and informal [basis] manner, and to provide a mechanism for such claims to be processed without undue controversy.

Section 312.2. Referral to conciliation [bureau--lost time eight weeks or less] processing

Within 30 days of carrier's response to notice of index, [All] all cases [with lost time of eight] where the expected duration of benefits is fifty-two weeks or less shall be referred [to the] for conciliation [bureau] processing, except [as follows:

Section 312.3. [Proposed conciliation agreement] Conciliation Processing

Section 312.4. Conciliation Meetings

Section 312.5. Conciliation [agreements] decisions.