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Important Update on Workers' Compensation Board Operations (June 2021)

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Regulations Adoption of Amendments to 12 NYCRR 300.22 and 300.23 (eClaims System Update)


The Chair has adopted the amendments to 12 NYCRR 300.22 and 300.23 to reflect updates to the eClaims system which incorporate the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions' (IAIABC) Claims Electronic Data Interchange Release 3.1 (R3.1). The implementation date for mandatory R3.1 reporting is scheduled to become effective January 24, 2022, as referenced in Subject Number 046-1219R.

The Notice of Proposed Rule Making was published in the June 10, 2020, edition of the State Register. A Notice of Adoption will be published in the April 14, 2021, edition of the State Register. The amendments are scheduled to be effective January 24, 2022.