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Glossary of WCB Terms

Workers' Compensation
(On-the-Job Injury or Illness)

Section 32 Waiver Agreements

These agreements are between the Claimant and the Carrier¹. This agreement is not mandatory but is available under the NYS Workers' Compensation Law. It is a negotiation between you and the Carrier¹ only. If agreed upon and approved by the Board, this case is closed forever. You can never reopen this case, the Carrier¹ will no longer be responsible for any part of the claim, and you will receive no further income due to it. Before making the final decision to settle your case this way, it is suggested that you talk to your treating physician. Consider if you may need surgery and what the expenses will actually be (post op care, physical therapy, anesthesia, etc).

On the other hand, under the 2007 Legislation, there is now a cap for the length of time you would be able to collect workers' compensation benefits if you are classified with a permanent partial disability. To find out what the length is, check out the Laws and Regulations. So a Section 32 Waiver Agreements may be in your best interest, but again it is suggested that you discuss this matter with your treating physician prior to making a final decision.

¹ licensed insurance company, third party administrator or self insured employer.