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Glossary of WCB Terms

Workers' Compensation
(On-the-Job Injury or Illness)

Supplemental Benefits

Supplemental benefits were made available to claimants thought to be most affected by rising costs. The combination of weekly benefits, death benefits and supplemental benefits cannot exceed $215/wk. This is the rate that was in effect on January 1, 1979.

Two categories of claimants/beneficiaries are eligible for supplemental benefits by making application to the Board:

  • Claimants classified permanently and totally disabled as the result an injury or disability incurred on the job prior to January 1, 1979;
  • Widows or widowers receiving death benefits as the result of the death of their spouse occurring prior to January 1, 1979.

To apply for supplemental benefits, file an SC-4 Form. An administrative determination will follow, if appropriate. To get a form, call 518-486-3361.