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Workers’ Compensation Board

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Professional model means a person who, in the course of his or her trade, occupation or profession, performs modeling services. Modeling services means the appearance by a professional model in photographic sessions or the engagement of such model in live, filmed or taped modeling performances for compensation.

"Employee" shall include, for purposes of the Workers' Compensation Law, a professional model, who: (a) performs modeling services for; or (b) consents in writing to the transfer of his or her exclusive legal right to the use of his or her name, portrait, picture or image, for advertising purposes or for the purposes of trade, directly to a retail store, a manufacturer, an advertising agency, a photographer, a publishing company or any other such person or entity, which dictates such professional model's assignments, hours of work or performance locations and which compensates such professional model in return for a waiver of such professional model's privacy rights listed above, unless such services are performed according to a written contract stating that such professional model is the employee of another employer.