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Black Car Operators

A black car operator, as defined in Article 6-F of the executive law ("The Black Car Law"), is an "employee" of the New York Black Car Operators' Injury Compensation Fund, Inc. (NYBCOICF). NYBCOICF began providing coverage on January 20, 2000, and currently provides workers' compensation coverage for the drivers affiliated with its members.

Limousine companies must become members of the NYBCOICF if they meet the criteria outlined in the statute. The members of NYBCOICF are large limousine companies (central dispatch facilities) that own less than 50% of their vehicles and receive 90% of their fares as non-cash. Once a limousine company meets these requirements it MUST become a member of the Fund.

Black Car and limousine companies operating outside of New York State are also required to become members of the NYBCOICF if they do work in New York State and meet the criteria outlined in the statute.

The Fund derives its income to provide workers' compensation insurance, from a 2.5% surcharge, which is billed and collected by member companies from their clients and then remitted to the fund. The statute permits the fund to either increase or decrease the percentage by notifying and filing a request with the Department of State.

NYBCOICF does not cover Medallion Taxicabs or Community Car Service vehicles. Generally, the NYBCOICF only covers Black Car and Limousine drivers of NYBCOICF members. If a driver's dispatch facility is not a member of NYBCOICF, the driver cannot be covered by NYBCOICF no matter what vehicle he/she drives.

A list of NYBCOICF members is available at

To report a claim by phone, call 1-888-4MY-CLAIM (469-2524). Prospective members can call the Administrator of the Black Car Fund at (716) 630-4514.