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Workers' Compensation Board

Catherine Leahy Scott
Inspector General

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Office of the New York State Workers' Compensation Fraud Inspector General
Empire State Plaza
Agency Building 2, 16th Floor
Albany, New York 12223

Phone: (800) 367-4448

Office of the Workers' Compensation
Fraud Inspector General

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I am reporting what I believe to be a fraud, do I have to give my name? No, you can provide information to us without providing us with your name or other identifying information. To effectively investigate any allegation presented to us, the information provided should be as specific as possible concerning the nature of the fraud, the parties committing the fraud and the location where it is occurring.
  • Will you give my information to the person or employer I am referring to you? No, if you do not want the information provided by you to be shared with any other person or agency, request that your information remain confidential. If you make that request, we will not share your information with anyone other than the law enforcement agencies necessary to complete the investigation.
  • What happens to the information I provide to the OIG's office? We use that information to determine if a case should be opened for investigation. That is why it is important that the information you provide us with be specific enough for us to act upon. A general comment that a person, employer or health care provider is committing fraud, without more information, is generally too vague for us to initiate an investigation. Please be specific as to the reason(s) why you know a fraud is being committed and provide us with the facts that led you to that conclusion.
  • What types of fraud do you investigate? We investigate any fraud relating to the workers' compensation system. For samples of the type of frauds we investigate, please click the "Types of Fraud" button on the IG web page.
  • Who does the investigation? The OIG staff is composed of attorneys, investigators and auditors, a number of whom have extensive prosecutorial and investigative experience with federal, state and city law enforcement. Once our investigation is complete, it is referred to the New York State Attorney General's office or the local district attorneys; offices for prosecution.
  • How long does it take to complete an investigation? There is no time table for how long an investigation will take to complete. The more complex the crime, the more people involved, the greater the number of people to interview, the longer the investigation will take. But, having said that, a typical investigation should take somewhere between 6-8 months to complete.
  • Can I call and obtain information about a case? If you have provided us with your name at the time you filed the referral, an investigator will call and speak with you about the information provided. However, once a case is initiated, we do not comment or answer questions about the investigation.
  • Is there a reward? There is no direct monetary reward for referring acts of fraud to our office. Fraud, however, raises costs for everyone by making it more expensive for the workers' compensation system to pay deserving claimants. By attacking fraud, we are together reducing the costs of insurance and compensation to everyone in New York State.
  • Do you only investigate fraud? No, we investigate any alleged violation of the workers' compensation system. If in doubt about whether we would investigate a specific violation, please refer the matter to our attention and either we will act upon it or we will refer it to the appropriate agency for their action.
  • How can I make a referral? Anyone of the following ways: (1) complete the on-line referral form and e-mail it to us; or (2) print out the referral form provided on the web and mail it to us at Office of the Inspector General, 100 Broadway-Menands, Albany NY 12241; or (3) call us on the 24-hour toll free hot line at 1-888-363-6001.
  • Are there any job openings at OIG? Not now, but we do keep a file of applicants who are interested in working for this office. If you are interested in working for OIG as an attorney, investigator or analyst, please mail your resume to the 100 Broadway-Menands address and indicate in your cover letter any past experience in law enforcement. Please specify the position sought and whether you seek to work in the upstate Albany area or the downstate New York City area. As positions become available, we will draw upon those resumes and contact individuals as appropriate.