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Workers' Compensation Board

Catherine Leahy Scott
Inspector General

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Office of the New York State Workers' Compensation Fraud Inspector General
Empire State Plaza
Agency Building 2, 16th Floor
Albany, New York 12223

Phone: (800) 367-4448

The Office of the Inspector General

About Our Office

Section 136 (3) of the Workers' Compensation Law authorized the Office of the Inspector General to investigate violations of the laws and regulations pertaining to the operation of the workers' compensation system. To accomplish that purpose, the inspector general is authorized, among other things, to:

  1. to conduct and supervise investigations, within or without this state, of possible fraud and other violations of laws, rules and regulations pertaining to the workers' compensation system; and
  2. to subpoena witnesses, administer oaths or affirmations, take testimony and compel the production of such books, papers, records and documents as the inspector general may deem to be relevant to an investigation undertaken pursuant to this section.

To accomplish our mission, our investigators investigate allegations throughout New York State and together with our audit and legal staff evaluate the information and, as appropriate, refer matters for criminal prosecution to the New York State Attorney General or to the local district attorney offices. Even in those cases where criminal prosecution is not warranted, we may nonetheless pursue the matter in civil litigation to remedy abuses to the workers' compensation system that were identified in the course of our investigation.

Allegations of fraud or misconduct within the workers' compensation system may be directed to either our upstate office in Albany or our downstate component in Brooklyn. Our toll free hotline is available 24-hours a day and our online complaint form makes it easy to report an allegation .