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Workers’ Compensation Board

How To Fax To The WCB Claims Fax Number


  1. This fax number is specific to WCB CLAIMS and is for claims-related documents only. Do NOT fax documents with general information, such as availability for hearings, change of address for a law firm or doctor's office, or proof of coverage.
  2. Do NOT attach Coversheets.
  3. Place documents in the fax machine so the proper side of the document is being faxed.
  4. Place the identifying WCB case number or claimant information well below the .25 inch margin of the document so that it is viewable on the resulting image.
  5. Do NOT fax forms requiring original signature, e.g., Form OC-110A. See Subject No. 046-296R2.
  6. If more than one case number or date of accident is listed on a document, fax a separate copy of the document for each case. Circle/underline the case number or date of accident (or ensure it listed first on the document) to indicate which case or accident date each document is for.
  7. If all pages should be scanned together as one multiple page document, please indicate this on the first page of the document. e.g.; "Please scan all 15 pages together."
  8. When faxing two-sided documents, such as Forms RB-89 or OC-400.1, make a copy of the back page and insert it between the front page and the next new page to ensure the document pages get scanned in proper order.
  9. Do NOT fax both sides of two-sided forms unless the back side contains information. Do NOT fax the back side if it only contains instructions for completing the form.