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Workers' Compensation Board

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Volunteer Firefighter's and Volunteer Ambulance Worker's Guide to Workers' Compensation Benefits

Waiver Agreements

Prior to the enactment of Chapter 315 of the Laws of 2004 on August 10, 2004, a claimant was not able to waive his or her right to benefits under the Volunteer Firefighters' or Ambulance Workers' Benefit Laws. Now, a claimant can reach an agreement with the carrier settling on the benefits the claimant will receive in exchange for waiving his or her right to future benefits. Waiver agreements are entirely voluntary and are not effective until approved by the Board. The Board will approve an agreement unless it is unconscionable, unfair or improper as a matter of law, is the result of an intentional misrepresentation of material fact, or within 10 days of submitting the agreement one of the interested parties asks the Board to disapprove the agreement.