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Volunteer Firefighter's and Volunteer Ambulance Worker's Guide to Workers' Compensation Benefits

What Is and Is Not "In the Line of Duty"?

What is "In the Line of Duty" for Firefighters?

Any of the following activities, pursuant to orders/authorization:

  • Participation at a fire, alarm of fire, hazardous material incident, or other emergency situation that triggers response by the fire company or its units;
  • Travel to, from and during fires or other calls to which the company responds; travel in connection with other authorized activities;
  • Some duties in the firehouse, such as construction, repair, maintenance and inspection;
  • Inspection of property for fire hazards or other dangerous conditions;
  • Fire prevention activities;
  • Attendance at fire instructions or fire school; instruction at training;
  • Participation in authorized drills, parades, funerals, inspections/reviews, tournaments, contests or public exhibitions conducted for firefighters;
  • Attendance at a convention or conference as an authorized delegate;
  • Work on or testing of fire apparatus/equipment, fire alarm systems and fire cisterns;
  • Meetings of the fire company;
  • Pumping water or other substances from a basement or building;
  • Inspection of fire apparatus prior to delivery;
  • Response to a call for general ambulance service by a member of an authorized emergency rescue and first aid squad;
  • Participation in a supervised physical fitness class; or
  • Fundraising activities (non-competitive events).

What is "In the Line of Duty" for Volunteer Ambulance Workers?

  • Travel to, working at and travel from an accident, alarm of accident or other duty to which the ambulance company has responded; travel in connection with other authorized activities;
  • Personal assistance rendered to another ambulance company;
  • Performance of duties at the ambulance facility or elsewhere, directly related to the prevention of accidents or other disasters or the delivery of emergency health care;
  • Instruction or being instructed in ambulance duties; attendance at a training school or course of instruction for ambulance workers, or attendance at, or participation in, any noncompetitive training program;
  • Attendance at, or participation in, authorized drills, parades, funerals, inspections or reviews;
  • Attendance or work at meetings of the ambulance department or ambulance company, or any organized unit thereof, at the ambulance facility or other regular or special headquarters of the department, company or unit;
  • Work in connection with the construction, testing, inspection, repair or maintenance of the ambulance facility and the fixtures, furnishings and equipment thereof, and the ambulance vehicles, ambulance apparatus and equipment used by the ambulance department, ambulance company, or other unit;
  • Practice for, or participation as a contestant or an official in any competitive tournament, contest or public exhibition conducted for ambulance workers which is intended to promote the efficiency of the ambulance department, ambulance company or any unit;
  • Inspection of ambulance vehicles and ambulance apparatus prior to delivery under a contract or purchase, or performance of duties in relation to the delivery;
  • Attendance at a convention or conference of ambulance workers or ambulance officers as the authorized delegate or representative of the ambulance department, ambulance company or any unit; or
  • Work in connection with a fundraising activity of the ambulance company, not including competitive events in which volunteer ambulance workers are competitors.

What is NOT "In the Line of Duty?"

  • Participation, including practice, in any recreational or social activity, other than noncompetitive fundraising activities;
  • Work rendered in the service of a private employer; public corporation or special district;
  • Work rendered while on leave of absence or suspended from duty, or work that the volunteer has been ordered not to perform; or
  • Competitive events in which volunteer members are competitors, such as baseball, basketball, football, bowling, tugs of war, donkey baseball, donkey basketball, boxing, wrestling, contests between bands or drum corps, or other competitive events in which volunteer members are competitors and which involve physical exertion on the part of the competitors.