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Workers' Compensation Board

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WTC Volunteer Fund


In 2002, Congress authorized $25 million to provide workers’ compensation benefits (medical and lost time) for volunteers who assisted with World Trade Center (WTC) rescue, recovery and clean up (RRCU). The authorization was increased to $50 million in 2005. While unpaid volunteers are normally ineligible for workers' compensation benefits, the NY Workers' Compensation Law was amended to provide a unique exception for volunteers who participated in WTC RRCU efforts.

WTC volunteers are eligible to receive benefits through the WTC Volunteer Fund, which is administered by the Workers' Compensation Board and funded by the federal government. The WTC Volunteer Fund provides medical and indemnity (cash) payments for volunteers who are disabled as a result of their efforts. The management of established claims under the WTC Volunteer Fund transitioned to the Triad Group effective June 24, 2013.

In the event that benefits are not available from the WTC Volunteer Fund, WTC volunteers may receive benefits for indemnity and medical directly from the Uninsured Employers Fund.