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Workers' Compensation Board

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June 6, 2011

Receive Electronic Case Copies at No Charge

The Workers' Compensation Board now offers an option which allows documents from the Board's Claims Information System to be transmitted as .pdf images or a .zip file to the requester at no charge. Currently, when case copies are requested, the Norwich Records Center sends the requestor Form WEC-333 which states the required charge for the case copies. If a case is electronic, Norwich Records Center will include Form WEC -333.2, which explains to the requestor how an electronic copy can be obtained . If you are interested in obtaining your requested copies electronically , you must complete Form WEC-333.2 and provide the Board with a valid e-mail address. The Board will send you an e-mail containing instructions and a temporary User ID and password which will enable access to a secure area of the Board's Website from which the requested file can be downloaded. All paper documents which are associated to an electronic Board file can also be obtained , but will be provided in paper form after proper payment is received. Please note, any request for claimant records should be made by utilizing the Board Form OC -110A, or a notarized original authorization which directs the Board to release only workers' compensation records to a specific person, as required by WCL Section 110-a(3).