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Workers’ Compensation Board

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New York State
Workers' Compensation Board
328 State Street  Schenectady, New York 12305
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Subject No. 046-744

Newly Authorized Health Care Providers Approved to
Render Services to Injured Workers
Under the Workers' Compensation Law

Date: December 15, 2014

The following have been added to the list of providers authorized to treat injured workers and/or perform independent medical examinations within the New York State workers’ compensation system.

Cajuste, Muriel Anesthesiology Cambria Hts 265948-0W November 13, 2014
Liao Benita, Tien-Ping Anesthesiology Melville 268125-2W November 13, 2014
Park, Jung Eun Anesthesiology New York 275290-5W November 13, 2014
Kinyungu, Ngugi Mukora Anesthesiology, Pain Management Melville 270909-5W November 13, 2014
Berkson, Marc Alan Chiropractic New York C10942-3W November 25, 2014
Carlin, Shawn Brett Chiropractic Bronx C10062-0W November 25, 2014
Demayo, Jacqueline Diane Chiropractic Brewster C12533-8W November 25, 2014
Fuhrmann, Nicholas Alan Chiropractic Orchard Park C12572-6B November 25, 2014
Helmandi, Bushra Chiropractic New York C12504-9W November 25, 2014
Herrington, Christopher John Chiropractic Tonawanda C12491-9W November 25, 2014
Lewis, Justin Taylor Chiropractic Bayville C12528-8W November 25, 2014
Morreale, Kevin Patrick Chiropractic Buffalo C12551-0W November 25, 2014
Palamar, Diana Milena Chiropractic Levittown C12377-0W November 25, 2014
Vanderveen, Emily Ruth Chiropractic Delanson C12554-4W November 25, 2014
Wetherby, Tarah Marie Chiropractic Olean C12438-0W November 25, 2014
Wilkinson, Michael D Chiropractic Yorktown Heights C12422-4W November 25, 2014
Mozes, Abram Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology, Smithtown 246947-6W November 14, 2014
Chang, Gregory Diagnostic Radiology New York 245624-2B November 24, 2014
Engin, David Oguz Diagnostic Radiology Grand Island 255425-1W November 4, 2014
Klein, Daniel Lawrence Diagnostic Radiology Garden City 257430-9W November 13, 2014
Konstas, Angelos Aristeidis Diagnostic Radiology Stony Brook 277245-7W November 13, 2014
Maldjian, Takouhie Catherine Diagnostic Radiology Garden City 189222-3B November 13, 2014
Nwawka, Ogonna Kenechi Diagnostic Radiology New York 270564-8W November 5, 2014
Peplinski, Scott Michael Diagnostic Radiology New Hartford 277461-0B November 19, 2014
Rampton, Joshua William Diagnostic Radiology Corning 263250-3W November 4, 2014
Rampton, Karen Elaine Diagnostic Radiology Corning 262207-4W November 4, 2014
Ream, Justin Michael Diagnostic Radiology New York 268457-9B November 24, 2014
Reiter, Michael Jason Diagnostic Radiology Stony Brook 244575-7W November 19, 2014
Stern, Rohan Diagnostic Radiology Liverpool 276297-9W November 14, 2014
Vasudevan, Prasanna Poorna Diagnostic Radiology Garden City 269778-7W November 13, 2014
Pace, William Anthony Diagnostic Radiology, Vascular And Interventional Radiology Plattsburgh 257827-6W November 19, 2014
Constantine, Matthew Wayne Emergency Medicine Stony Brook 251045-1W November 3, 2014
Greene-Liebowitz, Kimberly Heat Emergency Medicine Scarsdale 245818-0W November 5, 2014
Gressin, Jill Beth Emergency Medicine Larchmont 208292-3W November 13, 2014
Pedraza-Negron, Solimar Emergency Medicine Floral Park 257440-8W November 13, 2014
Quash, Michelle Denise Emergency Medicine New York 245380-1W November 21, 2014
Shami, Nedal Ned Emergency Medicine New York 250302-7W November 21, 2014
Taylor, Steven James Emergency Medicine New York 229342-1W November 21, 2014
Weinstein, Jonathan Emergency Medicine New York 228331-5W November 21, 2014
Phan, Vinh Q Emergency Medicine, Diagnostic Radiology Oceanside 254227-2B November 13, 2014
Allan, Scott T Family Practice Liverpool 274247-6W November 4, 2014
Daly, Ian Trevor Family Practice Camillus 272973-9W November 3, 2014
Dev, Nimret Kaur Family Practice Brooklyn 272623-0W November 5, 2014
Di Salvo, Joseph George Family Practice Lagrangeville 206501-9W November 14, 2014
Duckett, Adam Gary Family Practice Auburn 256831-9W November 19, 2014
Eloi-Stiven, Marie L Family Practice Uniondale 218126-1W November 5, 2014
Frank-Dixon, Kristen Lianne Family Practice Tupper Lake 274971-1W November 17, 2014
Jones, Tara Family Practice Ridgefield Springs 275577-5W November 4, 2014
Lacarrubba, Sarah Anne Family Practice Southampton 268992-5W November 21, 2014
Seepana, Vijaya Family Practice Fayetteville 275334-1W November 19, 2014
Sullivan, Mallory Joan Family Practice Waterville 274601-4W November 19, 2014
Swartz, Jill Erin Family Practice New York 244208-5W November 5, 2014
Zeppieri, Matthew J Family Practice White Plains 253936-9W November 14, 2014
Alario, Frank Charles Internal Medicine New York 164204-0W November 14, 2014
Alderwish, Edris Zaid Internal Medicine Stony Brook 276160-9W November 13, 2014
Chakravarty, Ramanuj Internal Medicine Stony Brook 277088-1W November 3, 2014
Hanna, Ingy Samir Internal Medicine Watertown 276417-3W November 19, 2014
Hutter, Randolph Internal Medicine Cooperstown 260186-2W November 4, 2014
Kostandy, Gamil Saad Internal Medicine Staten Island 202761-3B November 19, 2014
Nouvini, Rosa Internal Medicine Stony Brook 277091-5W November 3, 2014
Polovenko-Kallman, Tatyana Internal Medicine Brooklyn 242289-7W November 5, 2014
Qureshi, Nazeel Internal Medicine Watertown 276013-0W November 3, 2014
Sam, Stanley Internal Medicine Stony Brook 255524-1W November 19, 2014
Seifer, Frederic Douglas Internal Medicine Potsdam 275189-9W November 19, 2014
Seytnazarov, Erkin Internal Medicine Brooklyn 199914-3W November 21, 2014
Singh, Rakesh Kumar Internal Medicine Pleasantville 192235-0W November 21, 2014
Smith, Hana Internal Medicine Syracuse 268650-9W November 21, 2014
Syed, Sofia Junaid Internal Medicine Cooperstown 273492-9W November 4, 2014
Wood, James Sam Internal Medicine Bronx 276875-2W November 13, 2014
Akinyemi, Matilda Yetunde O Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease Johnson City 276933-9W November 4, 2014
Butler, Javed Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease Stony Brook 277060-0W November 3, 2014
Goldman, Mark Jason Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease Nesconset 239823-8W November 3, 2014
Hersh, David Jason Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease Woodmere 236218-4B November 13, 2014
Feinberg, Halbert J Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease, Critical Care Medicine Auburn 132744-4W November 19, 2014
Kumar, Prasanna Venkatesh Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease, Interventional Cardiology New Hartford 277527-8B November 19, 2014
Hossain, Syeda Tanzia Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology Nesconset 249622-2W November 3, 2014
Oustecky, David Henry Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology Nesconset 250225-0W November 3, 2014
Stopeck, Alison T Internal Medicine, Hematology, Medical Oncology Stony Brook 167618-8W November 3, 2014
Hira, Jai Singh Neurology New Hyde Park 267425-7B November 13, 2014
Ravitz, Risa Malka Neurology New York 256815-2W November 5, 2014
Saunders ,Convard Alicia Carmen Obstetrics/Gynecology Brooklyn 275988-4W November 4, 2014
Hines, Jerod L Orthopedic Surgery Oswego 268213-6W November 4, 2014
Massoud, Bryan J Orthopedic Surgery Brooklyn 275284-8W November 19, 2014
Roberto, Craig Michael Orthopedic Surgery Williamsville 259990-0W November 10, 2014
Vanvalkenburg, Scott Michael Orthopedic Surgery East Syracuse 274789-7W November 6, 2014
Woods, Daniel P Orthopedic Surgery Woodbury 275973-6W November 13, 2014
Barker, Daniel Allen Otolaryngology New York 275589-0W November 5, 2014
Cunningham, Lauren Christine Otolaryngology Cooperstown 274290-6W November 4, 2014
Weir, Norman Robert Otolaryngology Watertown 274372-2W November 19, 2014
Dudycz-Sulicz, Katarzyna Irena Pediatrics Binghamton 273928-2W November 6, 2014
Maldonado, Alberto Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Syracuse 276823-2W November 3, 2014
Yasin, Timur Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation South Ozone Park 252485-8B November 13, 2014
Johar, Karan Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation, Pain Management New York 260632-5B November 5, 2014
Dounel, Matthew Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation, Public Health & General Preventive Medicine Brooklyn 266098-3B November 21, 2014
Dauria, Danielle Marie Plastic Surgery Niagara Falls 243312-6W November 4, 2014
Adams, Steven L Psychology East Syracuse S11269-8B November 3, 2014
Alloy, David Aaron Psychology Warrensburg S09098-5W November 3, 2014
Bernal, Sonia Yanneth Psychology New York S20055-0I November 3, 2014
Block, Robert Aaron Psychology Lawrence S14636-5I November 3, 2014
Costosa-Umina, Jessica Maria Psychology East Syracuse S18161-0B November 3, 2014
Dean, Michelle Psychology Ardsley S20347-1W November 3, 2014
Grant, Thomas H Psychology New Paltz S11779-6W November 3, 2014
Isaac, Lisa Michelle Psychology Bedminster S19787-1I November 3, 2014
Landau, Beth I Psychology New York S14256-2B November 3, 2014
Lee Yuen, Shan Christine Psychology Forest Hills S19789-7B November 3, 2014
Marsa,l Alex G Psychology Troy S11348-0B November 3, 2014
Nabavian, Guissoo S Psychology Queens Village S17849-1W November 3, 2014
Stack, Lauren Psychology Newburgh S20184-8W November 3, 2014
Vadhan, Nehal Pravin Psychology Stony Brook S16752-8W November 3, 2014
Vayas, Maria Lydia Psychology Bronx S19840-8W November 3, 2014
Warren-Faricy, Lauren H Psychology Syracuse S20269-7W November 3, 2014
Zhang, Yuanxia Psychology Flushing S15344-5B November 3, 2014
Ruangvoravat, Lucy Surgery Syracuse 276597-2W November 19, 2014
Paonessa, Jessica Erin Urology Syracuse 274692-3W November 3, 2014
Sandoval, Linares Otto Roberto Urology Cooperstown 274614-7W November 4, 2014
Schenkman, Emmanuel Michael Urology Port Jervis 210398-4W November 19, 2014

*Providers authorized to treat only, have an authorization number ending in "W" – Providers authorized to treat and perform independent medical examinations, have an authorization number ending in "B" – Providers authorized to perform independent medical examinations only, have an authorization number ending in "I"

Any questions regarding the authorized lists should be referred to the Medical Director’s Office at 1 (800) 781-2362.


Robert E. Beloten