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Workers’ Compensation Board

New York State
Workers' Compensation Board
328 State Street  Schenectady, New York 12305
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Subject No. 046-733

Non-Acute Pain Medical Treatment Guidelines Training

Date: November 12, 2014

Proposed additions and revisions to the Medical Treatment Guidelines (MTG) were recently announced in Subject Number 046-695. These include the adoption of new Non-Acute Pain Medical Treatment Guidelines, as well as revisions to existing MTG Guidelines. The Board has received public comments to the regulations and will be adopting the regulatory changes. The Non-Acute Pain Guidelines as well as the revisions to the existing MTG guidelines will become effective December 15, 2014.


To facilitate compliance with the new standards, the Board has created an e-learning training program, consisting of medical courses that enable providers to earn CME credits and non-medical courses. The program is free and will be available on the Board’s website beginning on November 12, 2014. The Board will make an official announcement when the training is available for physical therapists and chiropractors.

Questions and Additional Information

Please contact the Board’s Medical Director’s Office at (800) 781-2362 with any questions. Additional information on changes to the Guidelines may also be found on the Board's website under Medical Treatment Guidelines Program.

You are strongly encouraged to review the information on the Board’s website regarding the Guidelines and to take advantage of the available training.


Robert E. Beloten