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Workers’ Compensation Board

New York State
Workers' Compensation Board
328 State Street  Schenectady, New York 12305
Governor David A. Paterson

Subject No. 046-247

Streamlined Adjudication and Calendaring

Date: July 25, 2008

In order to resolve controverted cases within 90 days and provide parties in a controverted claim a full and fair opportunity to present evidence on the issues raised, the Board is changing its calendaring procedures so that these cases are calendared and heard within the new timeframes.

Beginning August 15, 2008, the Board will be sending notices three weeks prior to the pre-hearing conference, hearing, or meeting instead of its usual four-week notice. This one-week reduction will enable the Board to formulate its calendars more quickly and ensure that cases appear on them within the appropriate timeframe and with the appropriate time allowance. Between August 8 and 14, no calendars or notices will be completed.

To incorporate this shortened time frame, the Board has changed its computer applications, rewritten its internal processing procedures, and retrained its staff to ensure a smooth and effective transition. The Board asks that all parties to a controverted claim take whatever steps are necessary so that documentary and testimonial evidence on the issues raised is presented timely and controverted cases are resolved within ninety days. The Board also encourages all parties to visit the Board's website [] and sign up for eCase to receive notices as soon as possible and have instant access to all case information.

If you have any questions, please contact the Claims Office at 877-632-4996.


Zachary S. Weiss