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Workers’ Compensation Board

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Workers' Compensation Coverage

Liability And Penalties For Violations Of Mandatory Workers' Compensation Insurance Coverage Requirements

Debarment Lists

New York State governmental entities including State, county and municipal agencies may not contract with businesses that are listed on a Public Contracts Debarment ListLink to External Website. The 2007 Workers' Compensation Reform Legislation included provisions that would prevent employers that had various types of workers' compensation noncompliance infractions from bidding on Public Work Projects. (WCL §141-b)

Specifically, people are banned for one year from the conviction date for final assessments of civil fines, penalties or a stop work order. Those convicted of a misdemeanor under sections 26, 52 or 131 of the Workers' Compensation Law, and any substantially owned affiliated entity of such person are also barred from bidding on public work contracts or subcontracts with the state.

There is a five-year ban for felony convictions, or violators of the discrimination provisions of section 125 or 125-a of the Workers' Compensation Law.