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Workers’ Compensation Board

Workers' Compensation Coverage

What To Do When An Accident Happens

Keeping a Claim Moving

Immediately following a work-related injury or illness, most employees become very fearful about their financial future and ability to return to work. The longer an employee stays out of work, the more difficult it becomes to return, both physically and psychologically. Following these tips can help to keep a claim moving:

  1. Keep in touch with the employee, letting him or her know that you care about them and what happened to them. Contact them periodically to let them know what is going on at work.
  2. When appropriate, contact the carrier to discuss light duty positions if that is an option. Make such positions available if possible (see Chapter 8 - Return to Work). Descriptions of any light duty position must be in writing. Any contact with the claimant's health care provider, however, must not violate Section 13-a (6) of the WCL, which provides in part that the "improper influencing or attempt to influence the medical opinion of any physician who has treated or examined an injured employee shall be a misdemeanor."
  3. Make sure that the claims administrator has all the necessary information, and keep in touch with the insurance carrier.