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Workers' Compensation Coverage

State Insurance Fund (SIF) Information

This information is provided by the New York State Workers' Compensation Board to give small businesses quick and direct access to workers' compensation information. It is not intended to serve as an endorsement of the State Insurance Fund or any other insurance carrier. The Workers' Compensation Board, State Insurance Fund and Compensation Insurance Rating Board are three separate and distinct entities.

The State Insurance Fund is a not-for-profit agency of the State of New York that was established in 1914 to provide a guaranteed source of workers' compensation insurance coverage at the lowest possible cost to employers within New York State. Despite its State agency status, SIF is a self-supporting insurance carrier that competes with private insurers. Just like any insurance carrier, the State Insurance Fund collects premiums from employers to pay for the claims and related medical expenses of employees who are injured on the job. The premiums are required by law to be fixed at the lowest possible rates, since SIF must provide coverage to any employer who seeks it, regardless of type of business, safety record or size. However, if an employer owes SIF money from a previous bill or account, coverage can be denied.

The State Insurance Fund web site Link to External Website can provide more information regarding:

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