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Workers' Compensation Board

Due to technical issues in our Staten Island service center, all parties with hearings in this center are best served by using the Virtual Hearings portal on Wed, 6/20. Visit the Virtual Hearings web page. Claimants may appear by phone by calling (844) 337-6301 on the date of the hearing. The service center is open, but we strongly recommend these options.

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Leased Employees: Professional Employer Organization

Disability Benefits Coverage Requirements for Clients of Leasing Firms

Leased employees are the employees of the company that is paying to lease them and that company must have a disability benefits policy in its name. A leasing firm (Professional Employer Organization - PEOPEO) assumes a dual employer relationship with their client employers. The employer generally recruits and hires its employees and contracts with the leasing firm to handle the payroll, taxes and benefit packages for its employees. Leasing firms (PEOs) must be licensed by the New York State Department of Labor.

Currently, clients of PEOs may be covered by either of the following methods:

Disability Benefits Coverage Requirements for the Leasing Firm

Regarding coverage requirements for the leasing firm (PEO) itself, individuals performing the administrative services of the PEO are counted as employees of the PEO. However, leased employees used by the clients of the PEO are NOT counted as employees of the PEO.

Using the above employee definitions for PEOs, regular instate and out-of-state coverage requirements for legal entities apply.