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Workers’ Compensation Board


Farms are employers under the Disability Benefits Law. However farmers are not required to provide coverage to employees characterized as "farm laborers". Agricultural laborers or farm laborers are defined in New York State's Labor Law as employees that perform duties in connection with the operation, management, conservation, improvement, or maintenance of a farm and its tools and equipment. Farm-specific duties include, but are not limited to, cultivating the soil; raising or harvesting any agricultural or horticultural commodity, including the raising, shearing, feeding, caring for, training, and management of livestock, bees, poultry, and fur-bearing animals, and wildlife; and handling, planting, drying, packing, packaging, processing, freezing, grading, storing, or delivering to storage or to market or to a carrier for transportation to market, any agricultural or horticultural commodity (see Labor Law § 511[6]). Farmers may voluntarily cover their "farm laborers" for NYS Disability and Paid Family Leave insurance.