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Medical Portal News

July 3, 2017

Recent legislative changes to the Workers' Compensation Law impacting health care - including the development of comprehensive prescription drug formulary - require significant revision to the Medical Portal currently in development. Because of this, the Board is temporarily suspending its Medical Portal project to revise its scope and timing. This action will ensure that the final product meets the Board's and its stakeholder's expectations in both functionality and user experience.


The New York State Workers' Compensation Board is implementing a web-based Medical Portal. This portal will enable users to submit medical information electronically. The first phase of the Medical Portal will allow for the electronic submission of C-4-AUTH, MG-1, and MG-2 medical authorization treatment requests, allow users to check the status of the request in real time, and receive a notification when a status changes. Users will no longer need to know which form to complete and will be walked through an interactive process that will determine the proper path based upon the answers provided. This web-based process is intended to make medical treatment authorization requests easier; bringing significant improvements to a complicated and often times confusing process. The Board anticipates that electronic submission will make the approval process faster, reduce errors, improve data quality, and replace the need to submit paper authorization forms.