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Workers’ Compensation Board

WCB Information Related To Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)


The NYS Workers' Compensation Board requires all insurance carriers to submit Proof of Coverage (POC) electronically. As a result of that mandate the Board has recognized the carriers' need for a tool to access their policy and coverage data so as to address compliance issues for their customers.

This on-line service, will provide carriers with a view of their policy and coverage data on record at the Board. It is expected this tool will assist carriers in managing both business and jurisdictional issues related to New York filings.

Using this application, carriers can:

  • Verify the status at the Board of Proof of Coverage submitted for a Workers' Compensation policy term and the covered employer locations
  • Confirm Proof of Coverage filings for Worker's Compensation Policies and employer locations
  • Verify the status at the Board of Disability Benefits coverage
  • Respond to WCB compliance notices for their clients
  • View and print transaction history for electronic POC filings
  • Print reports to manage Proof of Coverage and claims issues